Android betas are equal parts sour and sweet. It's fun to get early hands-on time with Google's latest software, but at the same time, it also means putting up with bugs and other quirks.

Not all apps work 100% perfectly on beta software, especially third-party launchers. Taking a look through the AC forums, these are the launchers some of our members have been using on Q with the most success.


Just wondering if anyone would care to share their 2 cents on different launchers that work with Q. So far I have tried Nova and find it works fine for what I use a launcher for. So besides OEM Pixel launcher has anyone experimented to see what others might work. I like Action launcher a lot but it's got some bugs on a pixel 2. Ignores home button at times so I'm thinking it's possibly more...

Kizzy Catwoman

I am using Action Launcher and have very few issues with it. Sometimes the gesture for overview works and other times it doesn't. But it isn't a deal breaker


Microsoft Launcher and Nova have both been pretty good on my 3xl still. Not quite as smooth as Pixel Launcher on Q but other than the janky animation when you swipe up for home on both of them they've played fine.


I use Action Launcher with Q on a 3xl I use full gesture navigation. For AL I have a single page with Google feed on left and a Quick Page on the right. No dock, no home button. The only issue from this setup is if I swipe too close from the edge of the screen, the gesture navigation takes priority over my feed and Quick Page. Had to get used to that...


What about you? What launcher are you using on the Android Q beta?

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