The Galaxy Note 10 is a phone that's capable of a lot of things. You can play graphically-intense games, capture great pictures/video, watch movies on the huge AMOLED screen, and — as its name would suggest — take notes.

Note-taking on the Note 10 is actually one of its strong suits, with the S Pen allowing for fantastic hand-writing that you just won't find on any other smartphone.

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Taking a look at the AC forums, these are the note-taking apps some of our Note 10 users recommend.


S Note is good. You can also use One Note. I am using it atm since syncs to surface laptop.


Different people use/need different features so it depends. Top 3 I use are S Note, Samsung Notes, and OneNote.


I use the Google notes app. Really simple to use.


I used S Note years ago but they stripped features and made it incompatible between phone versions. I use One Note now, I like the way it syncs and works between my Note phones and Surface tab.


What about you? What's your favorite note-taking app for the Note 10?

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