What do you think about the Galaxy Z Flip's display controversy?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Over the weekend, Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip received a lot of unwanted press. Samsung makes a big deal about the phone's display being "Ultra Thin Glass", but a durability test video showed the screen easily scratching the same way plastic does.

Following all of this, Samsung clarified that the Z Flip does have a glass screen, but there's a layer of plastic covering it to ensure better overall durability. So, while Samsung is technically correct in saying that the Z Flip's display is glass, the company could have been a lot more transparent about plastic still being present.

In any case, here's what some of our AC forum members had to say about the whole situation.

Why do you think I hate foldable devices... As it is our smartphones don't last enough and the last thing we need is this BS. I'm pretty sure that if electronics companies that used to exist back when Yugoslavia was a thing still existed, especially Serbian-owned Ei Niš, they would have made Samsung & Apple bankrupt a long time ago. For example, TV sets made by said Serbian company lasted several...


Aw man, seeing him even fold the phone at the beginning gives me the heebie jeebies! That's definitely not glass. It looks like it's just a film, or really soft plastic. Very sad, especially for the price tag on that "feature phone."


Its glass ...other tech sites has responded and clarified it. BUT I guess it uses plastic too. No big deal...in my opinion. That's why we all have options. I don't think people is going to go around doing these stress test inbtheir brand new phones. People need to stop overreacting.


What say you? What do you think about the Galaxy Z Flip's display controversy?

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  • I'm not paying $1400 for a screen that can be damaged by my fingernail
  • This tech still isn't ready for primetime. The first phones that really nail it will probably be great but until then the tech is just in open beta. That or the industry will move on to something else no one asked for.
  • It's still first generation tech. I'm not surprised that they're finding issues with it in the real world, but unfortunately that's what it takes sometimes for progress to occur.
  • *Gasps* Whhhhaaaatttt!? One of millions of Galaxy Folds broke!? Why I never thought such a thing would happen...
    Besides my sarcastic comment, people are gonna look for issues with something new like this. Maybe it's just me but I presumed that this display wasn't just real glass. It's probably some glass infused material to give it a higher quality feel. It only makes sense because glass is is brittle under stress. **** it could even be possible that the out screen protector layer was the easier scratched area and it sat on top of a very thin piece of glass. Regardless, I'm not seeing many of these Z Flips breaking, at least no more than any other iPhone or Samsung S model at launch. Also I don't get the whining about money when I see a ton of people on the regular, having no problem shelling out that money for an iPhone 11 Pro Max with higher storage or a Samsung 10 5G. It's not like Samsung doesn't make other models that fit into people's budget. When you narrow your focus like that, I can see why people complain but it also shows how ignorant they are of what's out there. Keep in mind, this is bleeding edge tech, so if you wanna be part of it and help a company finely tune , you gotta pay to play.
  • Rabble rabble rabble!