What do you think about the Galaxy Fold's display issues?

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image credit: Android Central)

The Galaxy Fold is a truly remarkable device. It's breaking new ground that we've never before seen in the smartphone space and has real potential to change the way we think of phones as we know it.

From Day One, we knew it wouldn't be a perfect device. No gadget is, but first-generation tech always has its own special quirks that we've come to expect. Yesterday, however, we saw something we weren't expecting — the Galaxy Fold's display completely breaking on some people.

Samsung puts a special layer of protective plastic over the larger tablet display, and if removed, can result in phone-destroying damage.

Here's how our AC forum members are reacting:

First gen product guess its understandable to be issues


No way I'm putting money into this. I love tech and all but this product just seems too immature, especially for the price. At that price point I feel like extremely high build quality needs to be able to be taken for granted and I don't think we're gonna a get that in this first generation.


Ruh roh. Color me concerned. While I can afford the phone, I cannot afford the phone to break. I would be absolutely shocked if Samsung did not test these devices thoroughly before releasing them. I mean the tech has been in the pipeline for what 8 years? I'm gonna hold onto my preorder for now but this definitely has me concerned. Hoping there's a reasonable explanation for this but...


I find it hard to believe that removing a piece of plastic can put the display at jeopardy. If it's that fragile I don't want any part of it.


Now, it's your turn to chime in. What do you think about the Galaxy Fold's display issues?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • I'm concerned, but keeping an open mind until we get more details. The two that were user-caused? That's not an issue, as far as I'm concerned. Of the two that remain, one says his hinge appears to have broken, which is what damaged the display from the rear. That can happen, so not concerned about that. Leaving the one belonging to the Verge? They've apparently admitted they stuck modeling clay on the back of theirs, and it may have gotten into the hinge, causing the screen damage they experienced. Gee, ya think? Modeling clay on a mechanical part. 🤔 So basically, I'm still not convinced there's an inherent flaw with the tech.
  • While I mostly agree with what you said, I do have a few thoughts:
    1. If the protective coating comes off easily enough that people are destroying their displays, I think Samsung will need to put a huge warning on the device alerting to such. (I do realize there is a warning, but it appeared to be rather small - I'm talking something undeniably obvious.) In my time providing tech support, I've come to realize if users can do something stupid, they will.
    2. Whether they should have put modeling clay on the phone or not; dirt, lint and other random substances will eventually end up on the hinge. If these things can work their way through the hinge and damage/distort the display, then there should be a protective layer over the hinge to keep them out. Overall, though, none of these things surprise me. This is what you get with first gen devices, and is the cost of being an early adopter, as far as I'm concerned.
  • The outer layer DIDN'T come off easily enough. That's precisely why the screen ends up breaking: it's super-glued to the screen. Some people thought it was a screen protector, so that's an innocent enough mistake, but nobody following news of this device should have any doubt any more. Still, that wasn't devices "just" breaking. A clump of modeling clay is a far cry from pocket lint and dust. But yes, it would be ideal if it were sealed off, I guess.
  • I would expect some issues early on. But Samsung will make it right. Sadly, it makes fodder for the Samsung bashers.
  • knowledge775
    "I find it hard to believe that removing a piece of plastic can put the display at jeopardy. If it's that fragile I don't want any part of it." One might think with a username like that you would have had knowledge that the screen is plastic and that you can see that that screen is less tan 1 mm thick. So tearing that layer would damage that.. Cheers!
  • He probably thinks you can just peel the glass off a regular screen and it would be just fine.
  • I think anyone who wasn't expecting this was deluding themselves. It's a screen that folds... It was clearly going to cause issues. I'd love to play with one, but I'd never buy it.
  • Looks to me like Huawei forced Samsung to release a half-baked product. Bravo.
  • They've been working on this for at least three years. It was scheduled for a late April release before Huawei even showed their Mate X.
  • A lot has to do that they're review units, and they're always the first one produced which aren't polished. Plus they're peeling the screen off lmao. And if the issue continues then yeah it's a big problem
  • Note 7 launch was better ..it went with a bang !
  • Dumbass user error and putting blame on Samsung. Ugh
  • Obviously Huawei is behind it.lol
  • Those that pulled off the polymer layer even though it said NOT to (in the photos of the warning) get ZERO sympathies. You _deliberately destroyed_ your device! And the lame argument that "...the public is used to pulling off the thin film from the factory... That film NEVER had a warning label "removal may damage your device." As for those that mentioned issues with unknown material(s) trapped under the screen causing a bulge and ultimately screen failure, those are serious problems that need to be addressed. Frankly, the posts of tech/industry early access ppl are THE most ignorant I have ever read. Should the warning label wording be MORE empathic...I guess it needs to be IDIOT proof and state removal "WILL" destroy the screen instead of "may". As for foreign debris or other parts poking thru the hinge, that should be addressed. Personally, a "new" gen of tech especially something like a folding display should DEMAND a wait of AT LEAST 3rd gen.
  • In fairness, the review units apparently didn't have the warning. Some reviewers were briefed not to do it, some weren't.
  • It's too bad, but there was no warning on the review units about peeling off what looked like a protector sheet. Marques Brownlee is pretty tech savvy, so if it fooled him, it will do the same to the average person. The retail units have a warning, so we shall see.
  • MKBHD has a video explaining each of the cases now. Seriously not concerned after watching it.
  • It is a concept device for now. Display issues shouldn't be a shock to anybody. People will still buy it to be on the cutting edge then complain later.