What do you think about the Galaxy Fold's display issues?

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image credit: Android Central)

The Galaxy Fold is a truly remarkable device. It's breaking new ground that we've never before seen in the smartphone space and has real potential to change the way we think of phones as we know it.

From Day One, we knew it wouldn't be a perfect device. No gadget is, but first-generation tech always has its own special quirks that we've come to expect. Yesterday, however, we saw something we weren't expecting — the Galaxy Fold's display completely breaking on some people.

Samsung puts a special layer of protective plastic over the larger tablet display, and if removed, can result in phone-destroying damage.

Here's how our AC forum members are reacting:

First gen product guess its understandable to be issues


No way I'm putting money into this. I love tech and all but this product just seems too immature, especially for the price. At that price point I feel like extremely high build quality needs to be able to be taken for granted and I don't think we're gonna a get that in this first generation.


Ruh roh. Color me concerned. While I can afford the phone, I cannot afford the phone to break. I would be absolutely shocked if Samsung did not test these devices thoroughly before releasing them. I mean the tech has been in the pipeline for what 8 years? I'm gonna hold onto my preorder for now but this definitely has me concerned. Hoping there's a reasonable explanation for this but...


I find it hard to believe that removing a piece of plastic can put the display at jeopardy. If it's that fragile I don't want any part of it.


Now, it's your turn to chime in. What do you think about the Galaxy Fold's display issues?

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