What display color setting are you using on the Pixel 2?

The Pixel 2 XL launched with a pretty underwhelming display, and while it's still not the best the market has to offer, it's since gotten a lot better thanks to customizable color profiles that you can change on the fly.

Users have three of these to choose from, including Natural, Boosted, and Saturated. I was personally rocking Saturated on my baby Pixel 2 for a while, but I've since moved to Boosted as I've come to appreciate the more life-like colors.

One of our forum users popped the question to our community to find out what profile they're using on the phone, and these are a few of the responses.

I've stuck with Boosted and have appreciated the more natural colors than in saturated mode.


I prefer natural because I hate the oversaturated colors. I like natural because when taking pictures it's more true to what the naked eye sees. And none of them help keep burn in down over the rest.


I've used both Natural and Boosted, and am currently staying on Natural. I find Saturated to be too intense, bordering on fake looking.


Natural or Boosted. Mostly Natural but depends on what Icon pack I am using.


What about you – What display setting are you rocking on your Pixel 2/2 XL?

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  • Boosted. Natural is too dull with reds looking more brownish (such as part of the Google Chrome logo).
  • I use natural. The exaggerated colors of the other setting are just too ugly.
  • Boosted
  • Natural, I checked out Saturated and Boosted when they came out but was used to Natural by then. I don't miss the saturation at all.
  • I use Saturated. I came from a Note 8, and an S7 Edge before that, so I've been brainwashed into liking radioactive colours.
  • Boosted
  • Natural
  • I'm on saturated. I once had a Droid Turbo and I loved the popping colors so I just had to.
  • These options are available for all phones running Android 8.0 now, right? Don't have my Z2 Force on-hand but I know it has 3 color options now vs. the 2 that it had with Android 7.x.
  • Saturated... I personally hated the muted colors. Been using AMOLED for Long time. They better not mess this up on the pixel 3 either... If they don't use samsung display on them when it costs basically 1 thousand dollars , I may look elsewhere
  • How is $849 "basically" $1000? That's a 15% difference.
  • Maybe he has the 128GB 2XL and lives in California.
  • XL, 128GB + sales tax is over $1,000, most cases. They're probably rounding for the sake of discussion, but it's not unreasonable.
  • Boosted because saturated is just that. Natural is nice inside, but I send a lot of time in bright settings, so I need just less than subtle.
  • I use Natural. I don't like the way Saturated looks at all, but the difference between Natural and Boosted is really minimal to my eyes.
  • I use natural
  • My issue with the three modes is the huge jump in saturation. Natural is like level 3. Boosted is like a 4. Saturated is like a 10. I use boosted. It's the most tolerable one. I've gotten used to it over time.
  • Is there a manual setting to change the level to your suiting or is there just the 3 preset levels?
  • Natural is my choice.
  • Boosted
  • I have a original Pixel XL and set the color profile to svga which is the same as natural on the Pixel 2 XL.
    I want to see colors, especially in movies and other professional graphics, as the producers have meant them to be, and not like a hippie LSD nightmare.