What color Nest Doorbell should I buy?

Nest Doorbell 4 Colors
Nest Doorbell 4 Colors (Image credit: Google)

The new Nest Doorbell offers compelling features, potentially enticing people to upgrade from the previous generation Nest Hello. It offers AI detection and motion zones that can distinguish among people, packages, animals, and vehicles. With the addition of a Nest Aware subscription, it can even notify you when it recognizes familiar faces, like the dog walker or neighbor. It's battery-powered for easy installation and works with other compatible smart home products. The Nest Doorbell is a pretty stylish video doorbell that is slim and sleek and comes in four color options: Snow, Linen, Ivy, Ash. Once you have decided that it's for you, however, how do you pick which color to get? It's a tough choice since they are all quite enticing.

Choose which color of the Nest Doorbell suits your home

All four colors of the new Nest Doorbell are pretty sleek and make the slim device look like an expensive piece of hardware when it's actually pretty affordable. But I love that the Ash finish offers the perfect combination of blending in while also standing out.

With that said, some people prefer to go with the basics, and in that case, white will work well. Especially if you have a white door, it will make the doorbell look like it's working in perfect synchronicity with the entrance to your home.

For those who like to be bolder, the Linen finish is lighter and more subtle, appealing to those who prefer more calming hues. Meanwhile, Ivy is a good option if you wish you could have black and want the closest thing to it.

You can't go wrong with either one, but take a look at the color of your door and the exterior of your home or apartment. Then, take your phone with an image of the doorbell in each color and hold it up to where it would go. This will help you visualize how each would look and, along with your own preference, help point you in the right decision.

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