Things to consider when choosing a Galaxy Note 7 color to buy.

Since moving to a new metal-and-glass design with its modern phones, Samsung has done some very interesting things with colors. For the Galaxy Note 7, we're looking at four different color schemes, with each one having its own draws. While we know that a large portion of the decision of what color to get is simply personal preference about style, we wanted to give you a few tips and things to consider when making your decision. Let's discuss.

Who should get the black Galaxy Note 7?

Black Galaxy Note 7Black Galaxy Note 7Black Galaxy Note 7

We're going to start with the black Galaxy Note 7, because that's probably the default choice for most people when they walk in the store. The black color is far more understated than the previous bluish-black color on the Galaxy Note 5, and while the back is reflective due to its glass it doesn't have any sort of pattern or reflectivity in the color underneath. You'll still see swirls and light come off of the glass — particularly in the curves — but they won't be so distracting. The lower reflectivity helps it hide fingerprint smudges and small scratches as well, which is always a plus.

Black is going to be the default choice for many

In terms of distractions (or lack thereof), the black model is the best of the bunch. The bezels around the screen are small, but having them be a dark color means your eyes will focus on the content on the screen. The metal is also a matte black that isn't reflective and melds nicely into the black underneath the glass. Together with the curved edges on the sides, the black Note 7 barely looks like it has side bezels at all, which is an awesome visual effect. The black top and bottom bezels also are less reflective when viewing the screen outdoors, and the top bezel better hides the sensors and cameras — of which there are two extra with the new iris scanner.

So who's the black model for? Those who want a sleek, understated look that won't be reflective or flashy, and are worried about having a front that could possibly produce extra glare and distraction around the screen. It's a great color, and a great choice for many. It may feel a little boring at times, but you can always dress it up with a bright case if you're feeling like you need a change of scenery.

Who should get the blue coral Galaxy Note 7?

Blue coral Galaxy Note 7Blue coral Galaxy Note 7Blue coral Galaxy Note 7

Blue coral is going to be the most polarizing color for people to choose. It's certainly the most unique of the four, and you can see that immediately as Samsung is using the blue coral color in tons of its marketing materials and videos. It stands out, and it's for people who want to stand out as well — not just from other Galaxy Notes, but from every phone out there.

The blue coral Note 7 looks different from every angle

Few areas had access to the "blue topaz" Galaxy S6 in 2015, so if you lusted after that model, this is going to be the one for you. It has a hyper-reflective bright blue sheen that changes tones a lot in changing lighting situations, ranging from a deeper blue indoors to a super-bright blue outside. This helps your phone sit separate from the crowd, but it also turns into a bit of a distraction concern on the front of the phone. The slabs of bright blue above and below the screen reflecting light into your eyes on the to makes the phone a bit harder to use. Aesthetically it also reveals the bezels on the side of the phone and the sensors above the screen.

Then you have the metal band around the outside, which isn't the standard grey color but is a matte coral color that itself changes tones depending which way you see it and what the lighting is like. It can range from a deep pink up to a bright champagne-like color, which of course creates a crazy effect with the also-changing blue of the rest of the phone. The blue coral Note 7 is practically a different phone depending on the angle you see it from.

Despite worries about distraction from the front of the phone and the interesting color-changing properties, some people will immediately gravitate to it because it's so removed from the other colors and any other phone out there. If that's your style, you should rock it. If it doesn't immediately speak to you, it probably won't grow on you over time — you should consider something else.

Who should get the silver Galaxy Note 7?

Silver Galaxy Note 7Silver Galaxy Note 7Silver Galaxy Note 7

The silver (or platinum) Galaxy Note 7 is the exact same as we've seen with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, though it differs a bit from the more matte-looking silver on the Galaxy S6. This color isn't really silver or platinum as much as it's basically just a mirror with an additional layer of glass on top of it, and as you'd expect that brings several things into consideration.

The silver model is basically just a mirror with an additional layer of glass on top of it

The silver color is extremely reflective, primarily reflecting the colors of surfaces around you. So if you're wearing a red shirt, your phone will take on a red hue when you're holding it in your hand. It'll pull in colors from all around, and that means it'll always have an interesting look — and unlike the blue coral color, there's really no "base" color to start with ... it really is a blank canvas that changes everywhere you go. That means you'll have to be ready to deal with all of the same distractions we highlighted on the blue coral color, but to an even greater extent — it's tougher to look at the screen in daylight, it is nearly impossible to keep clear of fingerprint smudges, and the smallest scratches are visible.

Because of those latter two issues, this is probably a phone that's well-suited to a case, even if it's a clear model that still shows off the bright color while cutting down on the reflectivity and smudges. The phone is unique in that it looks fantastic when in its pristine condition before you've used it, but the silver Note 7 isn't likely to age quite as well as the black or even the blue coral colors.

Who should get the gold Galaxy Note 7?

Gold Galaxy Note 7Gold Galaxy Note 7Gold Galaxy Note 7

Gold phones are all the rage nowadays, but Samsung does its color differently from the metal models from other companies. But right off the top, the gold Galaxy Note 7 isn't coming to the U.S., so that cuts out a large potential audience. Considering how similar the gold color is to silver it's not worth importing an international device just for the color. But if you're buying outside the U.S., the gold model is back in the conversation.

Gold is often indistinguishable from silver, but is thankfully a bit less reflective

That being said, it's just as ostentatious as the silver model, but settles in between silver and blue coral in terms of color changing. Because there's some base color there you always have a hint of soft gold to the phone, and the lighting around makes more of a difference in what color it looks like than the actual surroundings. It can look like a deeper gold color, or in bright light is just about indistinguishable from the silver model.

The gold model still shows off fingerprints extremely easily, and while slightly better than silver in this respect it's still tough to keep clean over time. Scratches will also show up more than on the black or blue models, of course, so this is once again probably a candidate for a case of some sort — if only to protect that pristine look for as long as possible.

But if you're willing to baby it and want to have some extra style, it's a good choice for those outside of the U.S. who can't bring themselves to try a crazy color like blue coral but also don't want to keep it simple with black.