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What Android 10 features do you like best?

Android 10 logo on a Pixel phone
Android 10 logo on a Pixel phone (Image credit: Android Central)

Android 10 was released back in September for Google's Pixel phones, and since then, we've seen the new software make its way to a bunch of other phones from various companies — including the likes of Samsung, Nokia, OnePlus, and more.

Now that more and more people are getting to use Android 10 for the first time, we thought we'd take another look through the AC forums to see what people's favorite features are for this version of the OS.

Here's what they had to say!

I've always liked the soft keys for navigation (home,back,resent) but I'm going to give the new gestures an honest try. I'm about 3 hours in and so far so good. I think what I like most so far is being able to clean up the camera UI to just have what you use most at the bottom. Time will tell, I'm sure I will come across other features I like as I keep playing and reading. This forum has...


Ooh I like the option to swipe from the side. I'm not a huge fan of the gestures because I feel like that gets in the way of my Samsung pay app but swiping from the side might work better for me. I'll try them whenever Att decides to let me have the update. Lol


I'm still on the beta, but the new gestures are my favorite feature. They make much more sense, and are easier to use than the way Samsung initially implemented them.


Gmail dark mode!


What about you? What Android 10 features do you like best?

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  • Dark mode and improved notification shade.
  • I don't know. What's the difference? As I've stated many times before these OS updates don't change the way I use my phone in any meaningful way. I care more about security updates than OS updates. Much ado about nothing, if u ask me.
  • Gestures. The ability to seek songs from the notification bar.
  • Full screen gestures! This benefit is emphasized especially on a phone the size of a Note 10+.
  • Using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and definitely full gestures make the whole experience more smooth and fun. I could careless about swiping up to get Samsung Pay in home because I could always swipe up from a screen off state.
  • I like the ability to set location permissions for only when an app is open. I reset permissions for all my apps. I do like gestures as well. Had to ditch Google assistant as I was opening on accident too often. And am looking forward to Nova compatability with Samsung phone.
  • I can't figure it out, but messages and the phone app can no longer search my Outlook contacts. Also my Outlook calendar doesn't sync anymore. Works through Gmail app but not Outlook. Other than that I like 10.