What accessories are launching with the PS5?

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Best answer: Sony has a full slate of accessories to go along with its next-generation console, including a new controller, headset, controller stand, and media remote.

What accessories are launching with the PS5?

During its PS5 The Future of Gaming showcase, Sony unveiled the PS5 and several high-profile games such as Horizon Forbidden West and a Demon's Souls remake. The company didn't stop there, however, showing off a full slate of accessories. Here's the full list:

All of these accessories are currently available worldwide, though stock is sometimes limited depending on the exact retailer and region.

PS5 accessories Why a new controller?

The PS5 introduces the DualSense controller, which has a variety of improvements over the DualShock 4 such as a larger battery, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. These advanced mechanics allow developers to provide more immersive experiences than ever before, such as having a trigger physically jam as the gun jams, or replicating the sensation of soft rain.

PS5 accessories What about different console models?

There are two different models of PS5 — the standard PS5 and the Digital Edition. The only difference is the disk drive — while one PS5 includes a 4K Blu-ray drive, the second model does not and is intended solely for digital media.

The PS5 is now available worldwide, though stock remains extremely low. If you see one you're able to buy, we'd recommend pouncing on it immediately. In our PS5 review, PlayStation lead Jennifer Locke explained that there's no way she can go back to the PS4 thanks to the new features and speed provided by the PS5.

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