Update: Thanks to everyone who tuned in live to ask questions! You can check out the recorded version of the video below.

Acer has a brand new Chromebook 14 out that packs a metal body, 1080p display and some solid specs — and you aren't alone if you think it's in contention to be your next Chromebook purchase. Now this isn't the enterprise-focused "for work" model, but it's still pretty darn impressive in its own right.'

We've been just as excited to get our hands on one as you have (stock has come and gone at online stores), and now we finally have the Chromebook 14 here to spend a proper amount of time with it. And as we kick off our review period — and to see where it fits in our hierarchy of top Chromebooks — we're going to do a Facebook Live video tomorrow to answer some questions and give you a tour around the laptop.

So be sure to join us over on the Android Central Facebook page (or in the Facebook app) tomorrow for some fresh video of Acer's latest leading Chromebook! We'll be kicking things off at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET — and you can even follow our page to receive notifications when we go live.

But don't worry, if you miss out on the live coverage you can catch it all on replay at the Facebook page later!

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