Moto 360

Yes, the Moto 360 looks hawt

Android Wear is what everyone is talking about these past couple of weeks. With good reason — it's new, it's innovative, and it's from Google. With that trifecta of reasons, you'll find Android Wear EveryWear that talks tech. We've been diving into the deep end of the pool (see our LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live reviews) and we really like what we're seeing.

But, every time someone talks about Android Wear, the Moto 360 is in the back of many minds (guilty) being all round and sexy, reminding us that there is still one announced Android Wear device that hasn't yet hit the shelves. Moto is playing the tease masterfully, too. Trickling out videos and short blurbs on social media to whet our appetites for their next product, yet staying (barely) just shy of teasing too much.

Is it working? Ask anyone who has seen and touched it, and they will likely tell you that it's a bit big, but man-oh-man does it look nice. I'm hooked. I'm really digging the Gear Live and the G Watch, but I really can't wait to strap on a Moto 360 and nerd out with style.

What about you? Did you give in and buy an Android Wear device already? Or maybe you're immune to the roundness and like your Gear or G Watch better? Heck, maybe you don't even want an Android Wear device — that's OK, too.

Shout out in the poll and tells us why you think the way you do in the comments!