OnePlus 2 and Moto X Style or Pure or something

Last week we asked what people thought about the two "big" events in the Android world of the week — the OnePlus 2 announcement, and Motorola showing us the Moto X Style (or Pure, or something) and the Moto X Play.

Most of us paid close attention to both, and while there were some surprises, in the end we are left with what each manufacturer thinks is a natural successor to last year's product. That's how it goes, but that won't stop us from debating things over and over. And over.

Poll results

Hello, Moto. 60-percent of the people voting in the poll think the Moto X Style does it better. It's not even close, with OnePlus coming in a distant second with just 25-percent of the vote, and the Moto X Play grabbing just 10-percent.

I don't disagree. While the Moto X Style lacks wireless charging, and plenty are gun shy about the smallish battery, on paper it looks like the best product announced last week.

Of course, we have to wait until we can actually use one to have any sort of definitive conclusions, but for now, the people have spoken. Moto did it better.