You asked for it, and it's here: WowMouse will turn your Pixel Watch 2 into a computer mouse

WowMouse on a Pixel Watch.
(Image credit: Doublepoint)

What you need to know

  • WowMouse is an app that turns any Wear OS watch into a computer mouse.
  • The app was first shown off at CES 2024 but notably lacked Pixel Watch support. 
  • Now, app developer Doublepoint has added Pixel Watch 2 support to WowMouse, and you can try it out now. 

App developer Doublepoint captivated CES 2024 earlier this year with WowMouse, an app that could turn select Wear OS smartwatches into computer mice. The app worked with most Wear OS devices, such as Samsung Galaxy Watch models, but Google Pixel Watches were notably unsupported. However, if you're a Pixel Watch 2 owner itching to use your smartwatch as a mouse, you're in luck.

Doublepoint released an update to WowMouse that enables Pixel Watch 2 support, and it's showing off the app at MWC Barcelona. There's also demand for the app since WowMouse has reached over 30,000 downloads in one month on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the first-generation Pixel Watch remains unsupported.

"WowMouse’s integration with Pixel Watch 2 brings our gesture detection technology into the hands of even more smartwatch owners," said Doublepoint CEO Ohto Pentikäinen. "We’re thrilled to keep supporting more devices, because consumers’ excitement is a huge signal to the industry that there are increasing expectations for this type of device interaction and control.”

This at least leaves the door open for WowMouse to support the first-generation Pixel Watch or other Wear OS smartwatches one day in the future. 

WowMouse running on a Pixel Watch.

(Image credit: Doublepoint)

WowMouse can make your Pixel Watch 2 a mouse for any device that supports Bluetooth mouse input. That could include Macs, PCs, Android phones, and more types of devices. WowMouse uses the sensors within the Pixel Watch 2 to detect your hand and arm movements. Moving your hand is how the cursor is moved on your device, and pinching the same arm as your Pixel Watch 2 is worn can be used to click, swipe, or drag.

We suspected that WowMouse could be used for things like presentations, where you need to move from your computer when the app was first revealed. However, Doublepoint has its eye on augmented and virtual reality applications. The company says that WowMouse could be used as an input device that provides spatial control of a mixed-reality headset. Unsurprisingly, Doublepoint thinks that this will be a great addition to AR/VR games. 

You can try out WowMouse on your Pixel Watch 2 today; it's available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

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  • rvbfan
    AC News said:
    WowMouse, the app that turns your WearOS watch into a computer mouse, now supports the Pixel Watch 2.

    WowMouse now lets you use your Pixel Watch 2 as a computer mouse : Read more
    I may actually try this out.
  • rvbfan
    rvbfan said:
    I may actually try this out.
    Deleted it. Blew through about 40% of the watch's battery in about an hour.