Uh, what? Razer Anzu smart glasses are 76% off at Amazon

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Amazon tech deals come and go, but the one that just landed on my desk deserves particularly close attention. Right now, you can snag a pair of Razer Anzu smart glasses for just $47 — a shocking 76% drop from their usual $199.99 price tag. In other words, if you've been wanting a chance to experience smart glasses from Razer, there's never been a better time.

As we noted in our Razer Anzu review, these smart glasses are perfect for folks who work from home, thanks to a discreet, stylish design, some decent audio software, and omnidirectional mics built right in. While these reliable features make the glasses perfect for looking stylish during virtual meetings, they aren't perfect for on-the-go users, which is probably why the Razer Anzu smart glasses have been steadily decreasing in price since their 2021 release. That being said, when you pair them with a 76% discount, these glasses are an absolute steal. 

Amazon deal slashes over $150 off the price of Razer Anzu sunglasses


Razer Anzu Smart Glasses: $199.99 $47 at Amazon

Head to Amazon and grab a pair of Razer Anzu smart glasses and you'll instantly save 76% on your purchase. For just 47 bucks, you'll get some high-tech eyewear that comes complete with blue light filtering and interchangeable polarized lenses, touch controls, and built-in speakers with low latency audio. The glasses also come with over 5 hours of battery life and an omnidirectional mic, and of course — most importantly of all — they look pretty darn stylish. 

In addition to the straight discount, the glasses come with a pair of polarized replacement lenses, and Amazon is even throwing in free shipping just for kicks. The 76% discount is only available for the rectangular style, but buying the round version of the Razer Anzu smart glasses will also hook you up with a hefty 69% discount.

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