The Galaxy Watch 4 is still a good Black Friday buy, especially at this price

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
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Shopping around for a new smartwatch on Black Friday but don't want to spend too much money on a good one? Well, the Galaxy Watch 4 may not be the latest model, but it's definitely still worth a look even as its successor makes its rounds as the hit Wear OS watch of the year. In fact, the Black Friday deals bring it very close to the lowest price we've seen for the device at just $169 for the Bluetooth model. That's a nice $80 off its original price.

The Galaxy Watch 4 was the first Wear OS 3 smartwatch, and even more than a year after its launch, it continues to impress. It gets roughly a day or more of battery life depending on usage, has a bevy of health and fitness sensors, and has a sleek design. Even if you prefer more classic designs, you have to admit that this is a stunning smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm): $249.99 $169 at Amazon | $169.99 at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm): $249.99 $169 at Amazon | $169.99 at Best Buy

Last year's treasure is still this year's treasure with the Galaxy Watch 4. It's a fantastic smartwatch with a lot going for it, like a new chipset and lots of health and fitness features.

If you're worried about buying a slightly older smartwatch, don't be. Samsung continues to update the watch to bring more features and keep it pretty much on par with the newer Galaxy Watch 5, which is really just an iterative update on the watch. The Galaxy Watch 4 runs the new One UI Watch 4.5 based on Wear OS 3.5, comes with Google Assistant Support, and is promised to receive four years of updates. That's better than some smartphones.

Of course, if you'd rather go for the more classic look, then the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is also on sale if you don't mind springing for the LTE variant. This is a popular model because you can use the physical rotating bezel to navigate menus without touching the display. You won't find this on the newer Galaxy Watch 5 models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE (42mm): $299.99$399.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE (42mm): $299.99 $399.99 at Amazon

What's better than a capacitive bezel? A physical one. With the Watch 4 Classic, scrolling through menus is so easy with just a twist of the bezel, which also gives this watch a more classic look.

Both the Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are powered by the Exynos W920 chipset, which is the same SoC powering the newer Galaxy Watch 5. They also come with 16GB of storage, 1.5GB of RAM, and sharp OLED displays. Samsung really put its all into these smartwatches, which is why these were some of the best Android smartwatches you could buy.

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