Save hundreds on Garmin Instinct, Venu, Vivoactive, and Forerunner watches for Prime Day

An array of different Garmin smartwatches
An array of Garmin Forerunner, Venu, and Vivoactive watches (Image credit: Courtney Lynch / Android Central)

If you've been holding out on buying a Garmin watch because of its high list prices, Prime Day 2022 has taken away any excuses you have to avoid getting fit. Right now, some of the best Garmin watches of the past few years are hundreds of dollars off, including $220 off the Forerunner 945, $130 off the Venu 2, and 43% off the Vivoactive 4. And that only scratches the surface, with other deals on Fenix, Instinct, and Enduro watches available as well.

Our favorite Garmin watch is the Vivoactive 4, which has remained a reliable and versatile fitness watch despite being several years old at this point. It has all the essentials like Pulse Ox, built-in GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO, NFC, music storage, and an 8-day battery life. Scoring all that for just $188 is a genuine steal, as we happily recommend buying it at full price. 

Another favorite of ours is the Venu Sq, currently 36% off, as it gives you all the Garmin essentials while also looking like a more modern fitness watch with touchscreen instead of the bulky button-heavy design of most Garmins. Its compact, comfortable design and readable LCD display make it a fantastic entry-level option. 

Or you can go with the Venu 2, which we called a "fantastic smartwatch priced out of its league" in our review. At $270, it's just a fantastic smartwatch, with a gorgeous AMOLED touch display, music storage, NFC, and 11-day battery life.

Of course, my personal favorite as a runner is the Forerunner series, starting with the Forerunner 245 Music for $110 off. It was recently replaced by the Forerunner 255 Music but it still holds its own, with most of the same features like Running Dynamics, Garmin Coach, training effect/load, VO2 Max, and a dozen other cool tools for tracking your health. And this deal will save you $160 compared to the full 255 Music price.

You can see the full list of Prime Day Garmin deals at this link, or see our highlighted favorites below:

Trust your Instincts and choose your favorite Garmin

Garmin Instinct Solar: $350 $200 at Amazon

Garmin Instinct Solar: $350 $200 at Amazon
Do you spend a lot of time outdoors and want weeks upon weeks of battery life between charges? The Instinct has a solar-powered panel that'll keep your battery topped off during the day so you always have juice for your workouts

Garmin Venu 2: $400 $270 at Amazon

Garmin Venu 2: $400 $270 at Amazon
Its 1.3-inch 416x416 touch display gives you far better visuals and controls than most Garmin watches in this price range. Get access to Garmin Coach and HIIT training exercises animated on your wrist. Consider the Venu 2S or Sq if you prefer a daintier model.

Garmin Venu Sq:$250$160 at Amazon

Garmin Venu Sq: $250 $160 at Amazon
Get the style of a Fitbit with the smarts and free metrics and buttons of a Garmin, with a 1.3-inch squircle watch that won't weigh down your wrist and will last nearly a week per charge.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music:$350$240 at Amazon

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music: $350 $240 at Amazon
Packing 24 hours of GPS tracking across 7 days of use, the Forerunner 245 will track your heart rate, blood oxygen, training effect, recovery time, intensity minutes, Body Battery, and other useful metrics to ensure you're training right for your next race. 

Garmin Vivoactive 4: $330 $188 at Amazon

Garmin Vivoactive 4: $330 $188 at Amazon
Android Central's favorite Garmin watch, the Vivoactive 4 has all the usual Garmin features you'd want for general fitness, plus animated exercises on its MIP display for gym-goers that need help envisioning their next reps.

Prime Day 2022 is in full swing, and we're tracking all of the best Prime Day Fitbit deals if you're interested in comparing prices against Garmin's rival. But we think Garmin Prime Day deals this year give athletes everything they'll need to start getting healthy. 

Michael L Hicks
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