Original Pixel Watch gets DND and Bedtime Sync following feature drop

Google Pixel Watch worn on a wrist.
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What you need to know

  • Reports state a few new Pixel Watch 2 features are now landing on the original Pixel Watch, such as "Do not disturb & Bedtime Sync."
  • The feature can be found within the "Notifications" settings of the Pixel Watch companion app and is toggleable.
  • The original Pixel Watch picked up an expanded At a Glance back in October and Watch Unlock arrived during the December feature drop.

Owners of the original Google Pixel Watch are beginning to receive some features that bring it closer to its successor.

According to 9to5Google, following a server-side update, three new features have started appearing on the original Pixel Watch, such as bedtime and do not disturb sync. Users can find this feature's toggle-able option within the Pixel Watch companion app's "Notifications" settings.

When your Pixel Watch and phone are connected via Bluetooth, tapping on the 'Do Not Disturb and Bedtime' modes syncs across all devices.

The original Pixel Watch starts gaining a few Pixel Watch 2 features in January.

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Since this is a server side update, the feature is said to automatically appear on the watch. However, it might be prudent for users to give Google until the end of the week before expecting it to show up on their app. 

Google first mentioned that its original smartwatch would get some of the Pixel Watch 2 features during its December 2023 feature drop rollout. Among that, is the Watch Unlock, that lets the Pixel Watch unlock your Pixel phone whenever it's nearby without requiring your biometrics. 

Moreover, the original Pixel Watch gained Adventure and Analog Arcs watch faces and updated complications.

The latest batch of Pixel Watch 2 features comes months after the original device picked up  'at a glance' options in October. After being previously limited to the Modular II and Modular III layouts, the first Pixel Watch can now utilize these capabilities with more faces, alongside new complication styles.

Users can make note of the temperature, precipitation, and the day's forecast within a small watch face complication. Upcoming events are also included with the ability to tap the information to see an expanded view.

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