No way, the Google Pixel Watch is already on sale?

Google Pixel Watch with Google Assistant
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The Google Pixel Watch is the newest kid on the block in the smartwatch game, but that's not stopping Google from putting it on sale for Cyber Monday. While the $350 launch price felt a bit steep for some folks — especially in 2022 — this deal drops it just under $300 at our favorite retailers. Despite Cyber Monday ending yesterday, you can still get this deal if you're quick. Best Buy has put the price back up, but at the time of writing, you can still get it for $299 at Amazon. Some colors are also available at Walmart for the same price.

I've been waiting to get my own Pixel Watch since launch but didn't have the monetary funds available. Now that it's on sale, it looks like I'll be grabbing my own (and you should too)!

Now this is a Cyber Monday Pixel Watch deal

Google Pixel Watch: $349 $299 at Amazon

Google Pixel Watch: $349 $299 at Amazon
Rumored for years, the Google Pixel Watch is finally here, and boy, oh boy is it beautiful! Even more beautiful is this Cyber Monday sale which takes a cool $50 off the normal price of the watch, making it that much more affordable. Ready to upgrade your style? See also, Walmart.

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I haven't had the chance to play with the Pixel Watch just yet, which might sound a bit crazy considering I typically cover big Samsung and Google events for Android Central. Unfortunately for me, COVID struck at the worst time and prevented me from seeing the Pixel Watch in person when Google unveiled it last month.

Since then, Andrew published his Pixel Watch review and absolutely raved about it. I was already jealous because the watch looks so darn good, but that review really put it over the top for me. While Samsung's watches might have a few more features — and are also on sale for Cyber Monday — I really just want the Pixel Watch for its looks. After all, it is a stylish timepiece, isn't it?

As someone who hasn't been excited for smartwatches in years, I really found myself surprised at the level of excitement I've had for the watch since we first leaked it back in the Spring. Since then, my excitement hasn't waned one bit. If anything, I'm even more excited about buying one now, especially since it's on sale!

Best yet, you don't have to have a Google Pixel to pick up a Pixel Watch. All of its many features work with any Android phone thanks to the Pixel Watch app, and Google's deep integration with Fitbit means it's got a boatload of fitness features that'll make it useful for more than just looking snazzy.

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