New Pixel Watch pricing details emerge as Google's launch event nears

Google Pixel Watch being showcased on stage
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Update (Sept 30, 6:25 pm ET): We may know the European pricing for the Wi-Fi variant of the Pixel Watch.

What you need to know

  • Google is set to fully announce the Pixel Watch in early October.
  • A previous leak suggested a high retail price for the LTE variant of the watch.
  • A new rumor suggests the Wi-Fi model could cost as much as $350, nearly $100 more than the Galaxy watch.
  • Retail information also sheds light on the available colorways.

We're just over two weeks from Google's big hardware event, where the company will officially launch its latest flagship smartphones. The Pixel Watch will also take the stage, and we'll finally learn all we need to know about the upcoming smartwatch. However, a new rumor suggests Google may be aiming pretty high for the Pixel Watch, particularly when it comes to price.

9to5Google was able to get hold of retail information for the upcoming smartwatch showing that the Wi-Fi model of the watch would be offered for $350. And while it's obviously not yet confirmed until Google's launch event, that's notably higher than the Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Watch 5, which starts at $280 in the United States.

This follows the previously rumored $399 price tag for the LTE model, which is also notably pricier than the connected version of Samsung's new smartwatch. Given the higher prices for both models, it seems Google may be positioning the Pixel Watch as a premium smartwatch.

Given Samsung's hold on the Wear OS market with the Galaxy Watch 4 and likely its latest models, it seems like a curious move to price the Pixel Watch above these devices. Rumors point to the watch running an older chipset and possibly achieving so-so battery life. Meanwhile, Samsung has taken strikes to improve battery life and charging on the Galaxy Watch 5 series, which runs a fairly new chipset first launched in the Watch 4 series.

In addition to the relatively high price, 9to5 has also received information on the available colors for the Pixel Watch. According to the retail information, the Wi-Fi version of the watch will be offered in black, silver, and gold colorways with Obsidian, Chalk, and Hazel watch bands, respectively. As for the LTE model, it will apparently be offered in similar color combinations, although switching out the Chalk band on the silver colorway for a Charcoal one. That said, there will likely be plenty more bands to choose from.

With October 6 just around the corner, we can't wait to see just how capable the Pixel Watch is and whether or not the price is justified.


That latest pricing rumor for the Pixel Watch indicates that the Wi-Fi model may cost £339 in the U.K. This comes from leaker Roland Quandt, who suggests that this could equate to a €379 price tag across Europe.

These prices are roughly in line (although a bit higher) with the expected U.S. cost, which could be $350. The LTE version is rumored to cost $399, with Quandt expecting a €419 price in Europe.

We're less than a week from launch, so we should know more during the event, but expect to pay a pretty penny for Google's pretty Pixel Watch.

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