Pixel Watch likely to have an array of watch bands at launch

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 What you need to know 

  • Google is rumored to be working on at least seven different band styles for the Pixel Watch.
  • The Pixel Watch will use a proprietary mechanism for attaching bands to the watch.
  • Google announced that the Pixel Watch would be available this Fall during its Google I/O event in May.

2022 has had no shortage of leaks regarding the Pixel Watch before Google even acknowledged the device's existence. However, even now that the smartwatch has been officially revealed, well, in a teaser from Google, we're still getting rumors and likely will until we finally see the wearable in the Fall. The latest leak gives us an idea of what to expect for Pixel Watch bands. 

First reported by 9to5Google, Google is said to be working on at least seven different watch bands for the Pixel Watch. It was unclear whether these will be bands made specifically by Google a la Made by Google accessories or straps third-party brands are making with the OEM's help.  

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According to 9to5Google's sources, the Pixel Watch will ship with a silicone band that utilizes two loops with a peg in order to size and secure the watch to your wrist. This band is like what ships on the Fitbit Inspire 2, which is called an Infinity Band. Another band is a single piece of stretchy material, rubber or silicone likely, to slip over your hand. It's expected to be similar to Apple's Solo Loop, which our friends at iMore reported wasn't holding up well.

Also in development is a stainless steel mesh band, known as a Milanese-style band. These are woven mesh that usually has a magnetic clasp that allows for fine-tuning the size. Rumor has it that this band will be available in three colors — silver, black, and gold.

Another metal band is in development and will be in a style typically seen on many high-end timepieces like a Rolex or Tag Heuer — a link bracelet. These bands connect individual metal links together with a pin and have a clasp mechanism that allows the band to be large enough to fit over your hand and then reduce the size to stay on your wrist. 

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There seems to be a fabric band in the works too. This makes sense because Google is a fan of fabric for its products, such as smart speakers like the Nest Hub and accessories like phone cases. 

Lastly, Google is rumored to have two different styles of leather bands in the design process. These are said to be available in varying styles and pigments to offer a more choice for those looking at leather options to accessorize their Pixel Watch with.

We know that Google is planning to use a unique and proprietary locking mechanism to attach watch bands to the Pixel Watch. Google confirmed this during the teaser for the wearable during Google I/O in May. The choice to use its own connecting system will likely have a big impact on the third-party watch band market, as many of the best Android smartwatches currently on the market enjoy as most of them use a traditional system to keep the band connected to the watch.

We'll all get to learn more about the band connection system and what bands Google plans to have available for the Pixel Watch at launch this coming Fall.

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