Google launches Gmail on Wear OS, says Calendar will arrive very soon

The new Gmail app for Wear OS devices.
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What you need to know

  • Following the Pixel Watch 2, Google is finally rolling out Gmail for Wear OS devices, bringing a new tile and email management.
  • Google Calendar will provide a 30 day outlook and integration with Maps when it arrives "in the coming days."
  • The AI Assistant lets users create commonly spoken queries to save within its new tile that only requires a quick tap for a response.

Following Google's fall event, where it launched two new devices, the company is now revealing some extra goodies for its wearable software.

According to a Wear OS community post, Google is rolling out several updates for a few popular on-wrist apps while adding some new, long-awaited apps. This rollout includes the arrival of Gmail on Wear OS devices, which lets users gain a quick glimpse into their latest emails. To do this, the app is paired with a "new emails" tile they can set on their watch face to easily hop into what's important.

While in the app, you can scroll through various email categories such as their primary Inbox, Important, and others. When viewing an email, it seems not all content is available to view, such as images and documents. Thus, if you tap the "view images and links on phone" notice in an email, your watch will open it on your connected smartphone instead.

Additionally, in our initial walkthrough, there don't appear to be any settings available for Gmail in the app. The only similar option is the ability to switch or add Google accounts.

Other than that, the Gmail app on Wear OS gives users the same email interactivity they can find on their phone, like replying, reading, marking as unread, deleting, and more.

Google Calendar is also on the way to bring an insightful look at your next 30 days, upcoming events, and tasks. The app on your smartwatch will let you begin navigating to an upcoming meeting in Calendar through Maps, as well. Unfortunately, the Calendar app is not a part of this initial rollout, but users can expect it to appear for download "in the coming days."

Google Assistant is gaining some additional upgrades to enhance its capabilities after the initial update in June. Google states users will find a new tile for the Assistant and the chance to create pre-made queries you commonly ask about. When set, tapping on the Assistant tile will display these pre-made questions so you can get the information you need without needing to speak.

Wear OS on Pixel Watch 2

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Updates are arriving for Wear OS apps outside of Google's ecosystem, like AllTrails. Users will soon have access to trail maps, stats, and important alerts directly on their watch. Audible is bringing your entire audiobook collection right to your wrist for easier access to stories, no matter if you're walking, running, or getting some work done.

On the wellness side, MyFitnessPal brings nutrient tracking and logging to your wrist, while the Peloton app is receiving its own watch face tile that users can tap to begin a workout. While you may download the Peloton app onto your Wear OS watch, it will require that you download it on your Android phone, as well.

These new Wear OS app updates are following closely behind the launch of Google's Pixel Watch 2. The company's second-generation smartwatch features a design that closely resembles its original. However, it has been equipped with more advanced heart rate sensors and the new Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip. The Pixel Watch 2's software (from Fitbit and Google) has also stepped up for better fitness, stress, and safety features.

The device runs Wear OS 4 out of the box, which comes with its own assortment of features and improvements.

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  • rodgertdodger
    Its just a shame it only supports one account at a time. I currently have 3 gmail accounts and without a consolidated inbox the WearOS app s useless to me. I suspect the calendar app will be the same.