Get the best-looking Galaxy Watch for $130 off for Prime Day

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic traditional clock watch face
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The Galaxy Watch 5 isn't on sale for Prime Day, but the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is. You might hesitate to buy a "last-gen" smartwatch, but our #3 best Android smartwatch today has the same chipset, RAM, storage, and One UI Watch 4.5 software as the newer watches, plus an exclusive perk: its physically rotating, stainless steel bezel that lets you quickly and accurately whiz through Tiles and notifications. The newer watches abandoned this for a digital touch bezel that mostly works but isn't as responsive or nearly as stylish.

In other words, it's still an excellent, fully supported smartwatch with a perk that the newer, less stylish watches lack. And it's available for $130 off at $220 in the 42mm variant, the more compact and universal size that anyone can wear. If you prefer the 46mm size for extra screen space, it's not quite as good a deal, but still up to $76 off depending on which color you pick. 

Or, if you don't care about the bezel and just want the cheaper (but still perfectly reliable) Galaxy Watch 4, it's currently $110 off as well!

This Prime Day Galaxy Watch 4 Classic deal is right on time

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm | $350

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm | $350 $219.99 at Amazon
Samsung's last watch to use the original Galaxy Watch design, the Classic is a fantastic watch that only put off buyers because of its price. That's not a problem anymore! It's stylish, fast, and has a ridiculous number of health sensors that can detect your stress, body fat percentage, irregular heartbeats, sleep quality, and fitness level.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm | $280

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm | $280 $169.99 at Amazon
The best Android smartwatch right up until the Galaxy Watch 5 replaced it, the 4 falls short in a couple of specs but mostly gives you the exact same experience in a slightly lighter and thinner package, and it's hard to turn down at this price.

If you'd rather wait and hope that the Galaxy Watch 5 gets discounted for Black Friday, that's not a terrible idea. But check our guide on the Galaxy Watch 5 vs. 4 to see how similar the two watches are. The Galaxy Watch 4 and 4 Classic have slightly shorter battery lives and longer charge times, but mirror them in most other ways; the only exclusive sensor to the 5, the temperature sensor, isn't even active yet!

So if you own a Samsung phone and still need a smartwatch, then seriously consider these two Prime Day Galaxy Watch deals. Otherwise, check our Amazon Prime Day live blog for all the other smartwatch deals we've spotted. 

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