Samsung's Galaxy Watch Charger Cradle gets a small price tag

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition
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What you need to know

  • Samsung's new charging cradle for the Watch 5 Pro has appeared in the U.K.
  • The cradle costs £20 and comes only in silver.
  • The charging cradle appears to be designed to solve the issue with the Watch 5 Pro being unable to sit flush to a surface, especially during charging.

Samsung's Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle is now appearing for sale in the U.K.

According to SamMobile, the uniquely designed charging cradle for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is apparently showing in the U.K. for sale. While it's still not being sold yet in the U.S., those in the U.K. will be able to grab the new cradle for £20. Samsung is reportedly only offering the cradle in silver, and it does not come with its own charging brick. This means you'll either have to use your own to plug the cradle into an outlet or purchase a new one.

While the cradle does have the Watch 5 Pro in mind, those with a Galaxy Watch 4 and older models can use it as well as another charging option. At the moment, the cradle appears to be out of stock. However, those in the U.K. can sign up for restock alerts for the product.

SamMobile explains that the cradle's dimensions are 69.7 x 70 x 83.3mm and comes in at a light 95 grams.

This new charging cradle was designed to solve quite an infuriating problem with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Those with the watch have noticed, much like our own review of the Watch 5 Pro, that the device doesn't sit flush on any surface. This is a problem considering the Watch 5 Pro features fast charging like most of the other best Android smartwatches out there.

The issue with the watch not being able to sit completely flat is due to the watch's D-Buckle Sport band. A good workaround to this issue was to remove the bands and let your watch charge that way. However, this new charging cradle seeks to solve this issue by allowing the device to sit flush against the circular top, leaving the bands dangling off on either side.

Samsung's charging cradle also appears to have LED lights on its front to let users know when their watch is done with its charge cycle. Consumers in the U.S. will have to opt for clicking the "Notify Me" button on the cradle's listing page to know when it becomes available for those in the states.

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