Galaxy Ring could send out an SOS if you misplace it

Eyes on with the Samsung Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024
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What you need to know

  • An APK dive into the Samsung Find app seemingly highlights a "Lost Mode" for the Galaxy Ring.
  • Strings in the code suggest users can make the ring produce light from its body for relocation purposes so long as their phone can still reach it.
  • Samsung has also seemingly worked in security measures by locking a user's ring to their Samsung account so no one else can use it.

One of Samsung's apps has supposedly spilled some juicy details about its smart ring's rediscoverability if it was misplaced.

According to an APK deep dive by Android Authority, the Samsung Find app seemingly contains information about a "Lost Mode" for the Galaxy Ring. Strings in the code suggest the Galaxy Ring will feature a light on its body, which will blink so users find it. A few string examples include "Tap start to make the light on your ring blink" and "Ring light is blinking."

Another string will appear if your phone can't reach the Galaxy Ring. The example reads, "couldn't connect to Ring to start blinking."

The publication's APK findings show that users must first enable "Lost Mode" through the Samsung Find app. There also appears to be a security feature on the way that locks a user's Samsung account in the app so mischievous individuals can't grab your ring data.

Similarly, there's another security measure for the ring embedded in the code: "this ring will be locked to your Samsung account. No one else will be able to use it."

The Galaxy Ring might feature a "Lost Mode" that produces a light from the ring's body for relocation.

(Image credit: Android Authority)

What's curious about the ring's secure lock to a user's Samsung account is that it seems useful for data protection (presumably) without compromise. The publication reiterates that the Oura ring features "data protection" to an extent, as the device will lock itself down in "Restricted Mode." This activates if the device, like the Gen 3 Ring, is trying to connect to another phone.

Unfortunately, Oura's method of safeguarding your ring's data involves a full data wipe (factory reset) if it senses a new device pair attempt.

With this discovery coming from the Find app, it seems Samsung is continuing to prepare for the Galaxy Ring's launch later this year. We've also heard of a "Lost Mode" before, as Samsung highlighted it during its Galaxy SmartTag launch in October. The mode is also used to relocate a handful of other Galaxy devices.

The Galaxy Ring made its expected debut at the FCC for certification purposes two days ago, and with it came some important details. From its listing, the device was confirmed to arrive in nine different variants (ring size), and the battery capacities for each size were detailed. Additionally, the FCC's database offered a look at the device's charging "cradle." Not much else about it was learned through the lackluster mock-up.

Samsung is preparing for its summer Unpacked event, rumored to take place on July 10 in Paris, France.

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