Daaaang! The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro just scored a 38% discount at Amazon

3 Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pros
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If you're looking for a great smartwatch deal, this might be the one for you! The black Bespoke Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is now selling at Amazon with an outstanding 38% discount, offering buyers a powerful smartwatch with excellent battery life at just $278. Similarly, the black ridge band version of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is 37% off at a sale price of $281.99. The exact Amazon discount keeps fluctuating for the watch, so don't wait too long if this price sounds good to you.  

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was rated the "best premium pick" on our list of the best Android watches, and there's more than one reason why. The battery life, for instance, can last up to 80 hours if you aren't using power-draining features like the always-on display (AOD) or the constantly-listening Google Assistant. Even with these on, the Watch 5 Pro performs pretty well, and it comes with impressively fast 10W charging, along with several other features that users love.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro:$449.99$281.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: $449.99 $281.99 at Amazon

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is an excellent pick as far as smartwatches go, and at over $170 off the purchase price, this is a certifiably good deal. Get up to three days of battery life, super-quick 10W charging, and a number of userful fitness and health sensors. Even though this isn't Samsung's latest Galaxy Watch generation, it still holds up to the hype of the newer models, especially since it's been updated with the user-friendly Wear OS 4.

Price comparison: Best Buy - $449.99 | Walmart - $449.00

✅Recommended if: you want a watch that has superior battery life; you liked the Wear OS software on other Samsung Galaxy Watch generations; you're looking for a sleek, black smartwatch that's durable enough to take with you on outdoor excursions.

❌Skip this deal if: you prefer a slightly less wide band and think you might like the 40mm better than the 45mm band; you're hoping to save even more money on a less premium smartwatch; you want something small and easy to sleep with.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro holds up well to the newer generation Galaxy Watch 6, still offering even better battery life and plenty of health monitoring tools for the average user. Without using active battery-draining features, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can get access to as many as 80 hours of battery life per charge, while charging up super quickly with the 10W charging.

Like any watch, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro does come with a few caveats that could be deal-breakers for some. As one example, some found it too thick and heavy to sleep with, despite including easy-to-use sleep monitoring tools. It's also pretty pricey when compared with the non-Pro option, though this deal makes it a little more doable.

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