Watch the entire Samsung Mobile Unpacked event from IFA

Perhaps you caught our coverage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, or the Samsung Galaxy Camera, or our liveblog of the Unpacked straight from the source in Berlin. If you want to watch the entire event, though, here it is, in living color. Check it out after the break.

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  • This thing starts playing music LOUD as soon as you enter the AC main page. STOP!
  • My God fix it wow! :/
  • SO ANNOYING. Best way to get me to not watch a video.
  • Please fix auto-play
  • Seriously? auto play? MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!
  • All of the above + no flash ;-) you know ... since flash is only available on ICS and below. Unless this is not intended for JB viewers and in that case, carry on.
  • That's exactly what I was thinking. See how this is the "Center of the Android Universe" you think AndroidCentral would have moved to HTML5 thinking already. Either that or Samsung, either case, its very sad.
  • Whoa. Hey. Look at that. That video autoplayed. Sorry about that. Jerry will never let it happen again. ;)
  • OMG, you can see the cuntent while watching the suckergame!
  • Now it doesn't load or play at all on my EVO3D.