Want to Get a Hero Early? Best Buy and Sprint Telesales Your Best Bet

If you can't wait 'til Sunday for the HTC Hero to officially launch on Sprint (and who can?), you can grab a HTC Hero as early as today at Best Buy! Granted you have to be a Best Buy Reward Zone Member and bring the above coupon (which can be found in our forums) to your local Best Buy in order to get the Hero before everybody else, it's well worth it! (plus it's not that complicated). We suggest you call your local Best Buy to confirm availability.

Another route to get the HTC Hero early would be to order it via Sprint Telesales. Yep, the good ol telephone still works wonders. Though we're not sure when Sprint will ship your Hero, the comfort of knowing that the latest and greatest Android phone is en route is always a plus.

And finally, if you have the patience (bless your heart) you can still wait for Sunday, October 11th to purchase it at any Sprint retailer for $179.99 with new 2-year contract. Good things come to those who wait (like the ability to read our upcoming two-part HTC Hero review today & tomorrow!)

a BIG thanks to esanger02 and JayTV for the tip!

Casey Chan
  • I just stopped by Best Buy (Northern VA). They had Heros in the back, but not on display yet. He said tomorrow they were selling to Reward members. I then walked across the parking lot to the Sprint store. They had a Hero on display, and I made the mistake of picking one up. Niiiiiiccccceeeee!! The one thing I forgot to do was see if it worked with my hearing aid. I thought my contract didn't end until Jan, but after checking my account, they told me I'd be able to upgrade in November. So I'm looking forward to the reviews, especially those comparing with the Pre.
  • All the sprint stores by me started selling them last night at 7pm.
  • I went to pick mine up today at Best Buy and then found out that EVEN THOUGH I WAS TOLD MY UPGRADE ELIGIBILITY DATE WAS JULY 1ST, now it's not until December 1st. So Sprint screws up and tells me the wrong date and I get the short end of the stick. F**K SPRINT !!!
  • Just came out of the Sprint store (13th & Chestnut in Philly) and they had the Hero on display. The rep had one and was trying to get me to switch today. So if you're a Sprint customer or want to become one, you *may* be able to get one from the store today.
  • Got mine at the Sprint store today (Fri 10/9). Walked in and asked to see the Hero, csr said not avail till the 11th. I said, sounding dissapointed, Oh, I heard it was available starting at 7 last night. Let me check, he says - goes to the back and comes out with a demo. I play with it a little, it's snappy. I ask if they waive activation like on the website. No. I tell him that if there's any way he can figure out how to waive activation (2 phones purchased), I'd take em right then. Checks with manager, tells me that if I have an AOL email, he can waive activation, and give 10% discount on billing. I have one because I signed up before going for this very purpose. I ported from tmo and got $200 off future bills, and porting was complete before I even got home. About to power up device...
    Sorry about spamming this everywhere, but I'm pretty excited about it and I'm sure others would like to know.
  • if i were you i would go back and double check on that $200 off bill for porting in cause what i've been hearing is that the $200 off future bill is only for Corporate Liable accounts. There have been alot of store reps not reading the fine print and telling customer they will get them.
  • Where can I find information about the AOL email discount? I haven't seen it anywhere. I have an AIM email although it's rarely used. Thanks.
  • Tried to use this coupon tonight at BB. They looked at it, called the manager, asked if I was a Silver RWZ member (I'm not), so they said I would have to wait until Sunday. Fortunately I was at least able to put $50 down and reserve one of the eight they have in the store so I don't have to worry about NOT getting one. Just wish I didn't have to wait until Sunday! But I've waited this long, what's another 34 hours?
  • My husband called our Sprint Store and asked if they had them and was told they just got a bunch of them in and he said he would be right there and they didn't argue. We both have our new Hero's now. :-)
  • By the time I got to BB,(3:30 yesterday) I was the 9th person to pick one up. I have had to put up with a M otorola Q with Windows mobile 5. It's been 2.5 years. I have done my time!
  • I got my phone last night at BB in Memphis, TN. She did't even ask if I was a Rewards Customer. I had no problems and was just excited to be able to pay the $179.99 and not have to deal with Sprint and a mail in rebate! Hope everyone is enjoying as much as I am. Can't wait for accessories!
  • Got mine at BB yesterday. A couple of bonuses were a free Madden NFL 2010 for XBOX because I was new to a two year contract (offer good through today) and the Sprint rep was there and told me that if I dialed #REF (within 2 weeks of activation, but before the end of the month) and entered the number of an existing Sprint customer, they would receive a $50 gift card and I would get one for $25. That's a couple of great deals. $179-$50-$25-$50=$54 for my new Hero! Golly I'm happy.