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Want a 128GB Samsung Galaxy S8+? Here's where in the world it's coming

Everywhere else in the world will see only 64GB models at this time, but a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM is being prepared for a bundle in South Korea and China, according to a listing on Samsung's Korean site found by ETVNews. While 64GB internal will be enough for most folks, I admit I wouldn't turn my nose up at a 128GB model if it ever came Stateside.

The 128GB S8+ is being bundled with a DeX desktop dock, where that extra RAM will probably be put to the most use, and while an official price hasn't yet been confirmed, ETV is claiming the bundle will cost just over a thousand U.S. Dollars. Will the 128GB model stay so close to home, or will it be allowed to come to Europe and the Americas? No one can say for certain, but until we can, at least the S8+ has a microSD slot that can take cards up to 256GB, and 4GB of RAM should be more than enough for everyday tasks and gaming.

Best microSD cards for the Galaxy S8

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  • Here we go again with this.
  • With what? Was this released already?
  • I guess that means the Note 8 is probably gonna pack the extra RAM.
  • It's suppose to be 6
  • I would really love to know the process that's used when determining what model will be sold in what country. Sometimes it seems so random. But as mentioned above, it looks like we might know a few of the specs for the Note 8.
  • My guess is it's something to do with some Chinese phone companies like one plus and others offering 6 and 8 GB of ram natively .
    Trying to sell an expensive phone in that crowd with less specs would be a hard task I suspect .
  • From what I've read the note 8 will have the 6GB of RAM. Of course we never know until it comes. But we have to wait until closer to the end of the year.
  • Nothing lowers the amount I care about a new device quite like a superior region specific model!
  • Agree completely. I was tempted by the LG G6 before I realised how many features I was going to miss out on compared to other territories.
  • I'm sure it will come to India.. Here we have 128gb s7 edge
  • Most places outside of Asia get stiffed on models with extra ram or double storage, Samsung do it, HTC always do it and so does LG, why they think the rest of the world will not need it is beyond me, good way to alienate your customers.......
  • What in the world is someone going to with a 128GB S8 on a DeX? Video editing? Torrenting?
  • What does internal memory size have to do with DEx?
  • I think they were talking about the extra memory 6gb instead of 4gb.
  • Why doesn't Moore's law apply to mobile devices? Shouldn't we be up to at least 512gb storage by now?
  • They're just going to quote "extra incurred costs" etc at you and that'll be the end of that discussion, *rolls eyes*
  • Welcome to the world of 6GB RAM 😎
  • Welcome indeed, there's beer in the fridge. I've been here for almost a year, what took so long?
  • Yes..welcome..just not in the US
  • lol
  • I think there will be no 128gb/6gb version for the smaller S8, so it'll be the same in the whole world. Yeah except the processor.
  • I think the note 8 will have these options..but still I like a larger phone. It's not right that the option is offered in one area and not others. Samsung should be Samsung no matter where it is offered or purchased.
  • Why two countries only?
  • LMAO! Samsung says f'ck you to their customers, except in their home country of Korea, and in China, where they're fighting a losing battle anyway. Now, we can hear all the excuses from their fanboys why it's alright, so that they can try to make themselves feel better.
  • Is anyone else tired of the better options being offered elsewhere???? I mean South Korea got deals because of the Note 7 issues and we did not. There were more color options. Now they are offering more RAM and more GB. Really??
  • The deal from the loss of our note 7's never came home (to the US) like so many of us thought it would. I mean it only seemed fair, right!!