Vodafone doubling bundled entertainment on its Red 4G plans

Vodafone logo
Vodafone logo (Image credit: Android Central)

Vodafone has today announced the UK mobile operator will be packing more entertainment into Red 4G plans for a limited time. Between September 12 and November 3, customers who sign up to 4G with Vodafone will be able to enjoy Netflix for 6 months and Sky Sports Mobile or Spotify Premium at no extra cost. As well as the bundled entertainment options, Vodafone will offer unlimited 4G data for the first three months.

This offer is available on all mobile devices taken out on the Red XL and Red XXL 4G plans. It's up to the consumer as to what's bundled with the plan, but there's a lot of free entertainment on the table. Check the Vodafone website for more details. It's worth noting that if you already have Netflix, credit will be applied to your account when taking out a supporting Vodafone Red plan.

Source: Vodafone

Rich Edmonds