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Viewsonic set to laugh at tablet sizes by introducing 22-inch behemoth?

Yes, you did read that right. 22-inches. Putting Toshiba's 13-inch effort in the shade, Viewsonic could be about to go where no Android OEM has gone before by introducing a tablet the size of a PC monitor. 

Touted as a "smart business tablet monitor," the colossal Ice Cream Sandwich device could be set for it's first public viewing at the forthcoming Computex show in Taipei. 

What the average consumer could do with something like this remains to be seen. If it does exist though, it's an interesting concept and exciting to see companies thinking outside the box. Probably wouldn't want to take this on the bus to work though. 

No word on prospective specs or pricing for whatever this turns out to be, but at 22-inches, it's not likely to be cheap. Computex is only a few days away though, so we'll know soon enough. 

via T3

  • I bet the viewing angle sucks #G_TABFAIL
  • And it won't be "retina" either...
  • desktop PC replacement possibly, kinda like the HP Touchsmart but android!
  • OK, so its 22". Your options are: Battery life of roughly one hour (but its nice and thin!!), Better battery life (but its thick, bulky, and weighs a LOT), OR In the box, next to the headphones and polishing cloth is 100feet of extension cord. Or, maybe all of these will be options available to the consumer! Frankly, I don't see this doing THAT well. If its going to be almost as thick (and similar weight) as a laptop, then use a laptop. But then again I'm just a blue-collar grunt, so maybe there would be use for stuff like this in meetings and board (Bored) rooms and such... I'll be curious to see what actually happens with this one.
  • I would see it as wall or cabinet mounted. Think of places touch screens are currently used such as information kiosk, etc.
  • I agree. I don't see this as a replacement for the standard tablet or even necessarily as a laptop replacement. But think of it in the headrest on a plane. Or at an info kiosk. Or mounted on the wall of your kitchen.
  • A 22" headrest? WTF kind of airline are you flying on? LOL. It would be good as a seatback system in business class/first class though. So many airlines have pitiful inflight entertainment (Delta, i am looking at you).
  • I'm gonna need bigger cargo pants.
  • hahaha, yeah, more like parachute pants that fully open like one!
  • I think it could work, like others have said, kitchen or on a wall, for trade show booths or charity events, we do dog Rescue events and this would be nice, sure I would keep it on juice but it would have some great possibilities. Wonder what the cost will be? Will need a hot spot.
  • Why would such places need tablets? They are static displays and touch screen support for fixed monitors is already available much cheaper.
  • Are they? This thing is a touch-ready 22" LED monitor (they go for under $200 at 1080p) with a little hardening on the screen and around the edges, an android system built in (integrated those are around $50 plus another $50 if you need a 3g/4g modem and sim card) and maybe a $100 battery if you want a little bit of "portability" (like running it while away from an outlet.) That all can be had for $400, plus say another $100 for the benefit of integration. So $500 is not at all unreasonable to see this thing go for (depending on what their target market is.) What is cheaper than that, again? You see iPads used as kiosks or e-menus and those go wholesale for no less than $300 each, but they have a small screen and are actually a bit tricky to lock down beyond the usual locked-down-ness that Apple puts on there.
  • Okay, at this point, it's just a TV.
  • If they can bring them in under $700 I would be tempted.
  • My guess is that it doesn't even have a battery. This unit isnt designed to be carried around. Desktop, wall mount, kiosk; i think these are all feasible applications.
  • Yeah, must be mounted, for sure. Now just give it an Intel SoC so we can dual boot with Windows for the work application.
  • This is by far the most pathetic shit I've seen from a manufacturer to date. Who in their right mind is going to carry a small flat screen TV around with them. Its things like this that makes Android look absolutely stupid. I don't like iOS by any means but these kinds of stunts give them the right to laugh at android and all of us who support it. This is beyond ridiculous. What's next Sony's new 48in ics tablet?
  • what does android have to do with it. Android is free and you can put it on pretty much any hardware.
  • Will the seidio extended battery make it too bulky?
  • No but the otterbox you are going to put on there will...
  • What's the market for this? If it's just gonna be mounted in the kitchen then it isn't really a tablet so much as its a touchscreen all in one pc.
    I can't think of a reason to want to carry around a tablet that's almost two feet diagonal.
  • Whatever.... For how much? Just buy a damn Laptop... stupid
  • YES !!! AT LAST !!! I've been waiting years for this. I use an electronic music stand. Well, in a limited fashion I do, because all electronic music stands really only display 1 page at a time very well because the available screens are way too small to display more, and page turns can be a real pain in the proverbial because they take too long (page turns need to be instantaneous). For most gigs I still have to use paper :( A decently legible 2 page display is possible on a screen this size (it could have been a 20" and still be OK). If I could have easily battery powered it I'd have bought a HP TouchSmart long ago. A laptop is no good - most won't fold out flat and those that do end up way too big on the music stand. Of course, it MUST be battery powered - not all of my gigs have power available: I play a real instrument, not one of those electrickerywockel things ;)
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  • Dose it have phone capabilities? If not, i dont see the reason in getting it. I need it to be a phone too. Lol
  • That's right. GOTTA be able to hold this to your head, it's from "phablets" to "phesktops"... #streak5fail
    #sidetalkinoutbricktalkinftl /smh
  • wery good news share.....
  • Part of me wants a desktop PC with Android, an iMac and TouchSmart killer if you will, but part of me is so disappointed with Android updates that I'd rather stick with Windows 7 where I get updates every month on a regular schedule and when a new version of Windows is released, I can buy it the day it comes out and if I don't like it, I can even go back to the earlier version. Long story short, I have serious reservations about ViewSonic's 22-inch tablet. I'm not ready to say it'll be a flop but I'm not as excited as I want to be.
  • First by way of apology, I am the father of a teenage girl and over the last five of her pre-teen years I've seen entirely too many episodes of iCarly. That out of the way, I will always think of a "tablet" this size as a Pear Pad.
  • That thing is comically huge!! LOL
  • Ugh.......this is getting ridiculous. I was under the impression that tablets were supposed to be easy to carry around. Having a 22-inch slab really defeats that purpose. Something that big is bound to be heavy and must be awkward to carry around. I've said it before, I hate the direction manufacturers are going with the "bigger is better" mentality.
  • There is a market for a large tablet. Why are people griping? If you don't want one don't buy one FFS.
  • Let's not forget the Samsung Window is on its way :-D
  • if I need to drag something from left to right, it's going to be a long road for my finger.
  • First of all, I love all the negative comments but I think you're missing the point. I can see one obvious user group for such a device: artists. I draw on my tablet and would love the extra screen real estate. I could also see it being somewhat portable in that I might like to take it somewhere scenic to work on. I wouldn't carry it with me all the time of course, but that doesn't mean that there is no use for such a thing. I would also think that photographers would like to have something like this on location to review their pictures. They and other professionals like say, architects, could use it to present their portfolios to clients. The real question is if that market is big enough (pun intended) to support the device.
  • Bring it on. It'll work and find a market or it won't.