Doomed luxury phone maker Vertu auctioning its concept phones for $26,000

Vertu, known for premium Android handsets that sold for multiple thousands of dollars, announced earlier in 2017 that it would be closing its doors after being sold multiple times in recent years. The company took standard smartphone components, wrapped them in luxurious materials, bundled a concierge service and charged thousands of dollars for the privilege. It wasn't something most people would use, nor something most people would likely encounter.

The company has now announced it would begin auctioning off its concept phones starting at a cool $26,000. This seems expensive, but it's actually a steal in Vertu land: the lucky buyer gets his or her hands on 105 phones, making the average cost per phone a reasonable $250.

There's no indication these are working prototypes, but they sure are pretty. There's a healthy selection of touchscreen and old-school number pad phones, for those that want to spice things up even more.

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Interested? Get bidding on the Vertu auction!

Tom Westrick