Verizon's Total Mobile Protection offers coverage for loss, theft, or damage to your phone as well as an extra layer of customer care using their Tech Coach experts. It's available for both single lines and multiple lines and starts at $9 per month. It's a pretty good deal as far as insurance goes, with perks like next day replacement and three claims per year.

One awesome feature is being able to get your cracked screen fixed while you wait in over 150 cities, and it got even more awesome as the price for the service has dropped from $49 to just $29.

Normally this is something you'll need to set up when you first bought your phone, but Verizon has an open enrollment period each year for folks who regret not doing it. That starts today (October 19) and runs until November 19.

Get started by visiting Verizon's Total Mobile protection portal and having a read, and you'll be able to sign up online if you're convinced.

Expert tech support and peace of mind knowing you can get your phone replaced the next day is great. Being able to get a cracked screen fixed for less than 30 bucks at one of Verizon's 296 carry-in locations is just plain awesome.

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