There are a number of parental control platforms for monitoring your family's device usage, and the latest company to throw its hat in the ring is Verizon. The carrier's offered a suite of controls through its FamilyBase service, but it's now being completely overhauled as Verizon Smart Family.

Using the Smart Family mobile app, you can view real-time location tracking for your family, enable screen-on time limits for specific days/times, and turn on content filters for social media, videos, text messaging, etc. You can also remote pause internet access for your kids, in addition to seeing how they're using their phones throughout the day.

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Verizon Smart Family is replacing the old FamilyBase app, and with this, introduces an updated design that should make using it much simpler.

Commenting on the rebrand, Verizon's Senior Product Manager, Susie Fernandes, said –

Being a parent in today's digital world can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. We created Verizon Smart Family to give parents the tools they need to help them raise tech savvy kids with a healthy and responsible approach to screen time and content viewing.

If you want to start using Verizon Smart Family, you'll need to cough up $4.99/month. In order to access the location tracking features, that'll cost a higher $9.99/month fee.

Download: Verizon Smart Family (free)

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