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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 release moves up to May 23rd

16GB version to cost $200 with a new agreement, $650 if bought outright

Great news for all of you on Verizon, the Samsung Galaxy S4 (read our review!) release date has been moved up to May 23rd from May 30th. The news comes from a Tweet from Ken Muche, who works for Big Red. Last month, we received confirmation that Samsung's new flagship device would not be released until the end of May. This upset many of us on Verizon as the rest of the carriers were getting the S4 out to customers' hands much earlier. This news should appease many as you'll be able to snatch up the phone in just 10 days.

To refresh what we know about the release, the 16GB version will cost $200 with a new contract or $650 with no contract.

So, for all of you on Verizon, who is excited and will be picking one up on May 23rd? Let us know in the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum.

Source: Twitter

  • Yay!
  • +1
  • I second that emotion! =-O
  • So pretty much the only carrier to charge 250 for the 16Gb is Sprint, smh there is no way for them to justify why they are charging 50 bucks more than everyone else. I am on sprint and love my GS3 will not be updating to the GS4 until I get a price drop are some clarification as to why they feel they need to charge more than any other carrier. I live in a place where network vision is complete so their service is not an issue.
  • i was thinking something along these lines as well.. sup with that sprint? kinda lame dan.
  • my guess is that they are nervous about their obligation to sell iPhones, and given that the S4 is the biggest competitor, they want to make sure the iPhone is a more attractive choice. just a guess, though.
  • I understand what you're thinking, but it seems like it would only benefit them to offer what is going to be a top selling phone at a price that matches (or beats) their competitors. I sell phones and I've had a few people switch to AT&T because of the price difference.
  • What about the 32GB version? Right...still May 30th, huh? Power users of the Android world UNITE!
  • they are behind other carriers so they have time to encrypt the bootloader
  • I figured it was so they can slap their stupid logo all over the phone
  • Interestingly enough, their website still shows a May 30th shipping...ponderous!
  • I'm betting thats not updated but once a day.
  • I would like to know if the 32GB version will ever be available on Verizon. I will not purchase the 16GB version with 9G+ already consumed by TouchWiz and 4.2.2. Big couple of weeks to see what gets announced at Google I/O and at the May 22 Verizon CTIA announcement. Hoping this is the HTC One or a variant of it with 32G.
  • Isn't it cheaper and probably safer file-wise to buy and install a 64GB microSD card than to pay an extra $100 (guessing of course) for an extra 16GB on the phone? FYI I received my S4 from AT&T last week. :)
  • The SD card is not a solution if you play a lot of the latest games. Luckily, I only play Sudoku and Temple Run.
  • I want a new device but my VZN Gnex is 32gb and I have a hell of time keeping 10gb free. Now I start with 9gb and use some SD card? How well does that work? Anybody have an S4 and can report how the SD is performing? Just curious. I have to buy it outright if I get an S4 so info is needed.
  • I have a 16GB Note2 on VZW and am able to get by okay. I have a 64GB SD card and since I'm rooted I use an app called DirectoryBind to move and link game data to the SD card.
  • I will wait for the 32GB, I might even be willing to give the HTC ONE a try if we ever get on VZ. At this point whichever comes first.
  • lmao Verizon late as always
  • Very exciting news!!
  • was told by a rep that the reason verizon was late to fix a bug with the S4 .... he said it was over heating i call BS tols him it was to block any and all chances of rooting lol
  • There actually was a problem with overheating, and the carriers have been releasing updates to fix it.
  • Yeah, Verizon may be notorious for being late to the party, and locking things down may be a reason why, but they always want to make sure things go as smoothly at launch as possible with the minimum amount of customer service issues. Saves money, lessens customer disappointment, and provide a better experience for the majority of users who never plan (or heard of) rooting or tinkering with their devices.
  • If he told you there was a problem with the phone overheating you should have said oh nevermind I'll go get it from one of the other carriers because they have not had an overheating problem with their versions, and it can be bought today from them. lol
  • So does this apply to just in store, or the online ore orders as well?
  • I would hope the preorders and online orders would use this new date, but with Verizon you just never know...
    Maybe they could actually do something cool and ship the preorders early so they'd arrive on the 23rd. I typed that with a straight face. Barely.
  • Isn't that normally how it works though? You get it on the day it comes out
  • I hope so! I am dying for a new phone... Time to say goodbye to my iPhone
  • Hopefully this applies to 3rd party retailers. I got a preorder with best buy and can't wait to get rid of my Atrix 4g
  • One,32GB,no contract,99.00 with cardock-HOLLA!!!!!!!
  • Details here
  • yeah im totally going to wait through that god aweful bate-add just to read your article. /sarcasm
  • Leaving Verizon for TMo on 5/22 when my contract expires.
  • if we pre order the phone, would we get it earlier? I hope so!
  • FYI it is $250 with a $50 mail in rebate.