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Verizon's Samsung Stealth doesn't live up to its name, gets caught on camera

Well, it looks like that unnamed Samsung LTE phone we saw back at CES has a name, and it is the Samsung Stealth. Recent FCC filings would seem to confirm this as well. TechnoBuffalo got their hands on the picture you see above as well as a possible launch date sometime in April. Their tipster also reported getting a full day's use out of the stock 1500 mAh battery, so that should reassure some of us about LTE utterly destroying battery life. Couple more pics are at the source link, and be sure to check out our video preview of this phone from CES past the break. [TechnoBuffalo]

  • Except for the fact that Verizon's CTO said today that they are having issues with LTE phones, and that they will be released "sometime before the 2nd half."
  • "Issues" or Apple telling VZW to hold off? The second half comes at June...which, isn't that when iPhones are usually refreshed? I know sounds crazy...but ya never know.
  • I don't think the LTE radio is small enough yet to fit into an iPhone. Notice that all the LTE phones are somewhat thick.
  • Thunderbolt and Bionic are .52 and iPhone 4 is 0.37. Not to boast Apple on an Android site, but their ingenuity is unmatched. I wouldn't put it past them to be able to squeeze LTE into an iPhone model. What they did with the iPad 2 is quite impressive on its own. :)
  • I bet that they want to geet tiered data pricing in place before 4G rolls around. That way we can stream movies for 20 minutes before our data runs out. So much for the benefit of 4G
  • Exactly...Verizon's waiting for Kinkos to print up all the Tiered LTE 4G Data Plan brochures. No "grandfathered" data plans here,baby.
  • About time, grandfathers have been around too long - they all need to die eventually.
  • Tipster might have gotten a full days use out of the 1500mah battery, but was LTE on?
  • According to the pictures, yes.
  • The picture also shows the battery looks to be more than half charged. So 15 hours and still over 50% to go? Sign me up for 2!
  • Also looks that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Auto-rotate are all off, and possibly set to vibrate only. The real question is, how much talking did they do? "A Full days use" varies by every person. Did they talk a lot? A little? How much browsing, messaging, and gaming did they do? Just because it's showing LTE doesn't mean LTE was ever utilized. I think it's hard to pinpoint anything until official reviews really come around. I, personally, think that good battery usage will be hard to come by right away...just like anything new.
  • Exactly , as far as i know , it might be dropped in some drawer & never been used !!! I get 2 weeks of battery from my phone when i keep in the closet , working with 3G by the way :
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  • If only it was dual core. I may get it anyway if the screen turns out to be as good as it looks.
  • Do we know if the CPU and GPU are the same as the Galaxy S line, or is it a newer generation?
  • Another sub-par Samsung product. How does anyone take Samsung seriously at all?
    Bad harsware and they drag their feet on updates (if any). Everyone should ban samsung products. Glad I dodged a bullet on that one!
  • Wait why doesn't it live up to its name?
  • Because if it was so stealthy, we wouldn't have "caught" it.
  • Not gonna lie, but I had no idea what "stealth" meant. ...looked it up and now i get it. ahaha.
  • lmao wow
  • lmao wow
  • gotta luv those samsung haters!!!lol
  • This phone looks badass, just as good if not better than the tbolt..
  • Guess which Verizon LTE phone probably see an update after launch?
  • So I guess if everyone hates Samsung so much, why don't you go over to the HTC page and druel over the evo 1.5. At least Samsung didn't duplicate a phone they made 9 months ago call it new with a different carrier.
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  • I'm sorry , but the phone's design doesn't live up to it name
    The name Stealth should've gone to something that looks or inspired by a Jet Fighter (Lamborghini Rèventon , any one ?) , something with the cutting edge of technolgy & more evil looking !
    Something like a mix of Atrix , Droid X & Thunderbolt !!!
  • Pretty sure he said it had an 8 pegamixel camera...