Verizon refreshes prepaid plans with more data, lower prices the longer you stay

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What you need to know

  • Verizon has updated the pricing of its prepaid plans to reward users' loyalty.
  • Each of the plans now offers a cumulative $5 discount after three and nine months, respectively.
  • You can also save an additional $5 by using AutoPay.

Verizon today announced some major new discounts for users of its prepaid plans that reward their loyalty for staying with the carrier. All three of the prepaid plans now come with the option to save as much as $10 per month simply by sticking with the carrier for a long period of time.

Monthly costs for the plans will now go down by $5 after three months of use, while users can enjoy an additional $5 discount after nine months. With the addition of the $5 discount from AutoPay, that could represent a total $15 of savings after nine months. The breakdowns for each of the three plans with the new discounts are shown below (do note that the prices listed assume the Autopay discount is also being applied):

Verizon Prepaid Plans

Source: Verizon (Image credit: Source: Verizon)

All three of the plans include unlimited talk time within the U.S. and unlimited texts within the U.S. and to 200 international destinations. The Unlimited plan additionally includes talk, text, and data to and from Mexico and Canada, while the 15 GB plan includes calls to Canada and Mexico.

You can find more details about Verizon's prepaid offerings and sign up for the plans here.

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