Verizon $50 unlimited plan

In the battle of the smartphone carriers, we've consistently heard Sprint trumpet its $99 "Simply Everything" plan, and rightfully so. It's been a leg up for some time now. But it looks like Verizon possibly has a plan in the works to one-up even that sub-$100 deal.

The screen shot you see above made the rounds on Friday, and it's quite the wake-up call. A mere $50 (sans taxes, of course) for unlimited mobile to mobile calling. Unlimited nights and weekends. Unlimited anytime minutes. Unlimited "text rates." Unlimited "mobile web."

There's a lot we don't know. When we hear "mobile web" -- especially with the footnote "Mobile web does not include full ..." -- we pause and question whether we're talking smartphones or feature phones. Then there's what appears to be daily plans.

We've heard rumblings that Verizon's got something up its sleeve -- more than just the new smartphones that have already been announced, and a couple that haven't been. Might an all-inclusive "unlimited" plan that undercuts Sprint be it? News at 11, folks.

[Update: Yes, folks, prepaid. Definitely prepaid.]