Verizon HTC Droid DNA press render leaks

Over the past few weeks we've shown you Verizon and HTC's Droid DNA (codenamed DLX) in the flesh, and we've covered various device leaks from other sources, too. But the shot above, which comes from prominent Twitter leaker @evleaks, could be our clearest look yet at the 5-inch handset. The promotional render shows the front face of the phone, complete with HTC Sense home screen and a very Verizony wallpaper. Like many HTC One series phones, it sports three capacitive keys -- back, home and task-switching, and the stylized earpiece can clearly be seen up top.

So now it seems highly that Verizon is getting its own version of the HTC J Butterfly, a Japanese handset sporting a quad-core Snapdragon S4 chip and a 5-inch, 1080p SuperLCD3 screen.

As for possible launch windows, early December seems likely. Next Tuesday we'll be in New York City for a joint Verizon-HTC event, where we're expecting to witness the phone's public unveiling.

This could be a killer handset for Verizon going into the holiday season. Anyone considering picking one up? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: @evleaks

Alex Dobie
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  • Looks nice but if they omitted a removable batt and no MicroSD again the Note II will outsell this by large margins. When will HTC learn... Screen resolution and quality matter to a point then the features sell the phone. Compare S3 to X sales...
  • not a fair comparison. X never had cdma model for the nations largest carrier and smaller sub carriers.
  • So ugly. Why do OEMs insist on continuing to use those ugly, completely unnecessary physical buttons?. Fail.
  • I'll take HTC's implementation of buttons over the way Samsung does it. Neither adds much, if anything, to the bezel. After a year on the GNex, I'm ready to go back to the build quality of HTC. Devs will jump on this soon enough and I'll be running whatever the latest version of Android is out there. I'll miss the removable battery and I barely use any of my on board storage so no SD card isn't a killer for me. All that said, I'll wait to see more solid images of this phone or in the store before I go pulling the trigger on it.
  • Meh, to you both. Personally, I have really grown to like the physical home button that Samsung has been sporting lately, and I much prefer dedicated buttons below the screen than buttons inside the screen. Anyway, good thing we have choices. -Suntan
  • Yeah anything but the Samsung home button for sure....
  • What makes a capacitive button "necessary" then?
  • ugly buttons? r u serious? how are those ugly? that is very subjective comment. i dont mind either way. i prefer capacitive to on screen because it leaves the screen solely for gui. nothing taking up valuable screen real estate. like on the maxx hd, it is 4.7" but unless you are watching videos, it is a 4.3"
  • EXACTLY! Don't sell me a 4.7" screen when only 4.3" is usable 95% of the time.
  • in defense of on screen buttons, that is what google officially supports. all nexus devices have on screen buttons. it is the future, i think capacitive buttons will go the way of the dodo bird
  • I think HTC phones all look the same, and are ugly.
  • Looks just like every HTC Incredible that's come down the line since 2010. It's evolved about as much as the iPhone has.
  • +1 Exactly what I thought. You just beat me to it.
  • Yep looks like a phone alright...
  • Lock button on the top dead center? Good luck hitting that with one hand.
  • I do all the time on my Droid X. I sure hope this phone comes out soon. It might help to drop the price of the RAZR Maxx HD.
  • Equality for rightys and southpaws! At least they kept the lock button up top and didn't put it on the side. Also, it makes more sense that the button is in the middle as compared to the right side. It is closer to your pointer finger if you're using your phone with your right hand (as the majority of people do).
  • Uglyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • thats cool but 5 inches is just too dam big for a phone
  • I don't understand the fuss about the removable battery or SD slots. I have a charging station where ever I am, and am usually on Wireless at work so that helps a bunch. As for storage, I store almost everything in Google Drive or Google Music, and I think on my GNex I have taken maybe 2-3 GB of space.... Sign me up i'll be ordering this beast. Had the One X and loved it...this is just bigger and better.
  • you cant miss what you havent had!!!! after having the maxx, i will never have a phone that wont take me a day.... a whole day, 24 hrs. f a charger, that is ridiculous. i dont have time to charge my phone, i am swamped all day, killing my phone. 5-8 gb per month, gps, streaming, tethering, whatever from 7am to 10pm. the only phone that can do that is a maxx. when will the other manufacturers learn? common sense 101
  • No, that I totally understand that having the largest battery possible in the device is preferential of course to go long between charges.
  • Really? You don't understand? You don't understand that people are not 100% sharing your life? That they have different preferences than you? -Suntan
  • really? so given the option of a big ass battery that will take you through an ENTIRE day or a smaller removable battery, you would go for removable? wow, logic i do not understand.
  • Yes, for the 90% of the time I DON"T need a big ass battery making my phone a Big Ass device, I'll take a thin phone. Then when I have a long ASS day, I'll put in another battery.
  • LOL!!! the razor max is .2" thinner than GS3. nice argument!!!!! besides why would you want to keep track of extra battery and charging of the two? what a pain in the ass. it defies common logic!
  • Apparently so edizzle. To each his own. I'll take my chargers around with me like I have since the OG Droid.
  • No need for a 1080p screen on a phone nexus 4 here I come , but I'm still waiting on Phil's review maybe he's having too much fun with the nexus 4.
  • Sure there is need. Until we get to 600-1000 PPI increases in PPI will be noticeable. That said, it's importance diminishes the higher it goes.
  • Ugh, I've grown to hate, yes hate that stupid "Droid" branding. There has never been a single Droid branded phone that has appealed to me. Oh well, no matter. The non-removable battery is a deal breaker anyway. I want the CHOICE of being able to swap out for a fresh battery on the fly (and not get stuck tethered to a charge). Samsung still listens to its customers in this regard, thus Galaxy Note 2 it is! :D
  • removable batteries are for chumps!!! 3300Mah for the win!!!!! PS, if these manufacturers listened, these phones would have 3300mah batteries. why would anyone want to spend 2-300 on a phone and then have to pay another 50 on battery, then how do you charge them? the only convenient way is a desktop charger for batteries, another expense. another small item to lose. completely unnecesary.. big battery for the win
  • So I'm a chump! ;P Being able to replace a battery on the fly and not get stuck tethered to a charge is invaluable to me! I refuse to give up that option with a non-removable battery. The Note 2 comes with a 3100mAh user removable battery. I purchased the Samsung spare battery charger (comes with another 3100mAh battery) with a 50% off coupon for a total $30 (includes shipping). The charger is very slim for portability (fits in pocket) and safely holds the spare battery when doing so. It can also accept any standard microUSB charge (ex. car charger, computer USB, included wall charger, etc.) AND can be used as a stand for the phone in portrait or landscape mode! I'd call that a heck of a value! You'll never see my phone tethered to a cord waiting to charge or some external charging brick! :P
  • So the original Incredible wasn't appealing? Or the OG? I agree that the last year or two it hasn't really been slapped on any particularly compelling handsets, but it's not like it attached to bad phones either.
  • OG ruled. Loved that phone!
  • Looks like im getting the galaxy note 2
  • I don't need a launch party, just mail it to me already!
  • Just tell me when I can order one!!!
  • i would be all over this phone in a heart beat!!!! but, i refuse to reward any company for leaving out THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE of a smartphone.....battery. i cannot believe that manufacturers cant realize that people want a phone that lasts all day!!!!!!!!!!! 4k resolution, octocore processors, blah blah blah. who gives an ish? i have been spoiled by moto maxx series. i would jump to this phone in a heartbeat, i love HTC phones, i have owned 3 of them until they learn this SIMPLE bit of common sense, i will not buy again. 2500Mah is not enough. the executives and engineers dont get it. everything i have said goes double if it is non-removable. actually i could give two craps whether or not it is removable, if it was at least 3,000Mah. so stupid. they could have KILLED with this phone.
  • It would be more appealing if they lopped off that top slab of bezel so the phone wouldn't look so freaking long. As it is she looks like she needs a bowsprit sticking out the front and a rudder sticking out the back. -Suntan
  • Noone has any idea yet how battery life is going to be. It could be great. People shouldn't jump to conclusions without seeing a few reviews. Jeesh!
  • it is called deductive reasoning. look at the maxx hd with S4 dual core SOC w/ integrated LTE. 4.7" and 3300mah. now take a 1080p 5", quad core S4 and 2,500mah, w/ sense. im no genius but.... also, a member has had one and stated his average. im sorry for me, 8 hrs doesnt cut it.
  • Deductive reasoning involves deducing, deducing involves using information to draw conclusions without empirical evidence. If someone prefers to wait for actual user reviews before determining whether or not battery efficiency supercedes battery capacity, not going to serve any purpose as it only applies when not having evidence. Non-battery example, quad-tegra vs S4-dual. Ask anybody what they thought before they actually used a OneX/LTEvo and what they thought after...
  • i stated all of the information i was using to deduce! i never stated it as fact. i never stated i wont get it. of course i will wait and see the reviews first. i should have been more clear that i THINK that is the outcome of this phone. i am not stating as fact!
  • If this is what HTC is rolling out as their challenge to Samsung's GN2, then it's little wonder why HTC's sales and profits continue to slide. Sadly the carriers have a big hand (in the US anyways) in dictating and screwing the mfg's over. GN2 for me, no thanks HTC I left you long ago.
  • The DNA looks like a DINC 4G LTE on stereoids.......Which I guess is what it exactly is.
  • Absolute beauty! Not like the cheap plastic phones from Samsung! This phone is a killer!
  • Except this is also a plastic phone.
  • I have been waiting for HTC to step up their game. I can only hope this comes with wireless charging (doubt it). If the camera is good, and the screen doesn't eat up the entire battery then i will definitely be picking this one up. I love HTC build quality in comparison to Samsung.
  • im pretty sure it does have wireless charger.
  • Not going to lie, I would actually consider buying this phone for the simple fact that I'd love to be able to put my DNA on ALL the things. "Sorry, I need to get my DNA off your kitchen table." "Oh yeah your gf was really drunk last night and needed my DNA for a while." "Guys, have you seen my DNA anywhere? I really need to get it back. One moment I had it in my hands but now it could have landed anywhere!"
  • I'd borrow your DNA any day. >.>
  • Damn I just bought a GS3 in August. I love HTC phones but I did't see anything coming out for Verizon. I would've loved a One X for Verizon. I'm Just dissapointed HTC went the non removable battery route.