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Verizon HTC Droid DNA name crops up again

The story of Verizon and HTC’s Droid DNA has led us from a nameless blurry-cam, through rumors of an “HTC DLX” to clear photos of the actual device and news of what appears to be the final branding. The 5-inch, 1080p smartphone, known in Japan as the HTC J Butterfly, looks set to become a major launch for Big Red later in the year.

Today brings further confirmation of the Droid DNA moniker, as the “HTC Droid DNA” name has appeared on a Verizon support page listing devices with non-removable batteries. Alongside the name is the ADR6435 name previously associated with the “DLX” codename. If you've been following this device, you'll remember we first broke news of the Droid DNA name a few weeks back, when we spotted it on a leaked Verizon MAP document.

So barring some last-minute change, it’s probably a safe bet at this point that the DLX will come to market as the Droid DNA. Verizon folks -- anyone thinking of skipping the current crop of phones in favor of a shiny new DNA? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab), via: Droid-Life

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  • Yep. Probably going to pick this up on release day if possible. We aren't getting the Nexus and I've always wanted to try an HTC device.
  • I just picked up a Maxx HD, I plan to stick with it. Battery is too important for me
  • Couldn't agree more. The battery life on the Maxx HD is insane! Never looking back.
  • Much better then nexus4.
  • I'm thinking of getting this phone. I will still keep my Gnex.
  • This sounds great but I don't think it will sell that well. Why? I dunno...just doesn't seem like it. Samsung knows what's up. They give us removable batteries and SD cards. That's why they sell the best. They know what we want and they give it to us. HTC thinks it knows, and it does, but the sacrifices it makes to give us a sleek phone with decent battery life are far too great.
  • Its always nice to have removable batteries and sd card slots but at the end of the day this isn't the reason why htc isn't doing so hot. HTC needs to stop with this release here release there exclusive here exclusive there type of mentality. This phone should have been released on every carrier possible and then advertise the hell out of it. HTC needs to show people why they should have this phone, that's what samsung and apple is doing.
  • Nope, I'll be getting the note 2.
  • HTC phones aren't very good. Simple as that. I'll stick with Motorola for the next few years.. Samsung has been my brand for the past five.. they aren't very good either.
  • So far I'm still enjoying my Rezound, and while it likely won't get jelly bean, it's very capable as is.
  • I too am enjoying my Rezound. But after losing power b/c of Sandy, I'm realizing how horrible the batter life is. And to the poster that said HTC phones suck, you're outta your mind. HTC makes awesome phones (build quality & software) they just have crappy battery life. I may get the DNA... It depends on what's put at the time.
  • Extended battery 1st rule of the rezound :)
    Extended Battery 2nd rule of the rezound :)
  • Nope, the non-removable battery is a deal breaker. I’m probably going to go with the Note 2 and its bigger screen and S-Pen.
  • So let me make sure I understand. HTC is losing money and market share, specifically in the US... and they are releasing a new flagship phone exclusive to verizon? This is a device with phone of the Year specs, what is their problem? release across all major carriers and stop hamstringing yourself HTC.
  • Exactly!!!!!!!!!
  • As a person who much prefers HTC to Samsung, I wish it that were that easy! HTC just doesn't have the ability to force their will upon Verizon. Even google can't get a nexus 4 on Verizon. Verizon is never going to allow unlocked phones that can be purchased elsewhere onto their network. They don't make any additional money (for nothing) that way! You guys are silly... Verizon is the Apple of the carrier world. Just like Apple has their specially designed plugs and connectors that won't work with anything else, Verizon uses proprietary their CDMA and LTE communications. Its true that suckers and their money are easily separated and those two companies exploit that reality better than anyone else. It is no surprise that they both did it the same way: marketing hype. Both those companies have ridden their marketing departments right to the bank. Now they can force their will upon partners with market share. They can force their will upon consumers and competitors with brute force cash and endless advertising. And it was kind of funny when Apple and Verizon had their stare down, and for the first time Verizon had to bend to the will of a manufacturer (and allow the iphone without all the verizon bloatware installed). Which is why HTC does not get the One X verizon. And is instead having to produce Verizon exclusives as directed by Verizon... for the benefit of Verizon. It's far too late anyway. HTC is a sinking ship. I really like what they make. It's too bad they weren't very good at making commercials and product releases. At least Samsung is a heavily diversified manufacturer that doesn't need to make all of their money in the one field of mobile devices (and recently has become quite the master of marketing hype themselves).
  • *deleted*
  • My Sprint contract's up on November 11th, and I'm currently looking long and hard at the Galaxy Note II on Verizon (what a big change that would be from my Optimus S, literally). I'm incredibly interested in this puppy too, but I'm worried about the battery life if Verizon doesn't stick at least a 2500 mAh in there considering the pixel count.
  • Just to add, the whole non-removable battery move might be made to pack in a larger capacity than the originally advertised approx. 2000 mAh. Just sayin'.
  • It's expected to have a 2500 mAh battery. Which isn't enough. I'd stay away. As a former Thunderbolt owner who just switched to the Maxx HD, the ease you feel when you know your battery will never die is priceless.
  • I think they need at least the 2500mah battery, but not because of a higher resolution screen. Think about it, when you play video, what consumes the most power? The application, or the screen? The simple answer is the screen, by a long shot. The application, using the cpu and/or gpu, even if it is rendering to 2x as many pixels as the comparable phones, it still won't hold a candle to screen power consumption. The SLCD3 in this phone should be using way less power than the SLCD2 in the One X which isn't even an old phone, so hopefully a 2500mah battery is going to be fine. At the very least, I can nearly guarantee this phone will have better battery life than the RAZR HD, especially since I've seen AMOLED screens consume way too much power. The MAXX HD may get better battery life, but it is also $100 more on contract, and will only have 1/2 the ram, cpu, and gpu power. All it would win on is built in storage and battery, and assuming this phone has a very power efficient screen and microsd card slot, the DNA should be the best option out there. Just can't wait for an official announcement hopefully confirming battery and card slot, and hopefully thickness as well.
  • Why not the Droid DLT. The phone would come in separate pieces and allow you to assemble it after purchase. ;)
  • I don't think anyone under 30 will get that joke. I, on the on the hand think its hilarious
  • Would they bring the "fridge" out of retirement to pimp that puppy too? The hot side stays hot....
  • I'm switching from Sprint in Dec and have been back-and-forth between the GS3 and the RAZR HD. If this is out by then, I'll probably go with it. I've had all 3 in the HTC EVO line (original, 3D and LTE) and they have all been outstanding phones. Even with the non-removable battery, battery life has never been an issue for me.
  • Until they stop releasing phones for a single carrier and get a single device across multiple carriers without changing much, HTC does not have a change at beating Samsung & Apple, no matter how awesome the phone. I returned my EVO LTE the day I heard Samsung would be bringing the GS3 to all carriers. This is the model for success and I wish someone could beat this through the head of HTC, Motorola, LG and Google (with this stupid Nexus 4 GSM only & no LTE crap).
  • Nope, don't trust this company anymore. They're constantly putting exclusives on their higher end devices and dont seem to care what the consumers want anymore.
  • This should be the Droid BLT.
  • With no Nexus 4 in sight for Big Red, this looks like the phone for me. Although still considering the Note 2 but 5.5" in huge! I know 5" isn't that much smaller but come on. I have had an Incredible and now a Thunderbolt and HTC quality is always top notch.
  • And if the RAZR HD/MAXX was quad-core I would consider on of those but if I can get quad-core for the same (ish) price why not go with that (even if I don't need it). :)
  • would like this better if had removable battery
  • When will manufacturers learn that the key to success is getting the same phone on all 4 carriers with the same name and minimal differences? That is Samsung's winning strategy. That said, this phone looks pretty sweet. I am under contract with my GNex but I may pick this up for the wife.
  • I pre-ordered the Note 2 on Friday for VZW. Selling my S3. I never thought the Note 2 would come to VZW. This Droid DNA looks interesting to me only because I'm a huge screen buff. I know everybody thinks the 1080p is overkill but I would really enjoy it. Personally, I'd sacrifice some battery life for a better screen resolution. I never plug my phone in to charge and always use external battery chargers so this is a big no for me.
  • Non-removable battery = no sale!!! Exclusive to "pig-red" = no sale!!!
  • Last 2 phones were HTC. Don't like non-removable batteries at all -- looking right at you HTC. I plan to upgrade to the Note II.
  • With no Nexus for me this year, I'm thinking this will be my next phone. The non-removable battery sucks but I'm tired of these cheap feeling Sammy's. It's time to get back to HTC and their superior build quality.
  • HTC has a bad track record when it comes to Smartphone Batterys. And a non-removable one is no sale with me. Same goes for the Nexus 4. I'll just hang on to my Gnex till next year.
  • This will probably be my next phone but the Note II has me curious. HTC is making a mistake if they don't release this on multiple carriers.
  • I'm still rocking the HTC Thunderbolt (you know, the first LTE phone which sucked...) and since the Nexus 4 is a no deal, this is my next phone. The Note II is just too big and I'm not all that excited about the SIII. Sure the non-removable battery is an issue but its the same deal on the Nexus 4.
  • i will most likely get this as the hardware for the ONE X is freaking AMAZING ,but i will definitely be getting my N4 and keeping my Gnex.. ahh the Benifits of being single these days haha :)-
  • I will be picking this up to replace the original Droid Incredible. Hopefully it holds up as long and as well as the DINC has.
  • I'm certainly interested in taking a look at this.
  • Since I dropped my gnex yesterday and took a huge chip out of the screen, I'll be looking for a new phone soon. Its between this and the note 2. I'm leaning toward the DNA because I feel like the note 2 might be too big. Even though I love all the cool features on the note 2. However, if the radios in the note 2 are as bad as the gnex then DNA is an instant sale.
  • Like a lot of people have said HTC needs to stop with the exclusives and release a phone on all carriers. Look at Samsung and Apple. This is the winning strategy until they get this thru their head they will continue to post quarterly loses. They also said they would scale back and not make so many phones, but that seems to be a lie. I bet a lot of those One X owners feel really good about buying that phone to all of a sudden find out that the One X+ is coming out months later. The one x+ should have been what they released in the 1st place. I don't doubt that this will be a great phone as HTC is known for great hardware. But will it sell well I doubt it your limiting yourself to one carrier, I don't understand the logic behind that why limit yourself when your trying to gain market share?
  • So I just saw a case for the stratosphere 2... when is it coming out?
  • I too am a Bolt user that fears turning on the 4G for fear of battery depletion. Is the Maxx HD using 4G just not a concern anymore?
  • Yep. Just a bit iffy on the non-removable battery life. Also, would like 32gb.
  • If they made it 32GB, verizon would charge $300 for the phone, or at least $250. I'm much happier with 16GB built in and a micro sd card slot at $200. Now if this thing doesn't have a microsd card slot, then that will be a deal breaker.
  • My feelings exactly.
  • Absolutely! I can deal with a non-removable battery... but will sadly have to pass on this phone if it doesn't have a Micro SD slot. 16GB internal + Micro SD = winner!
  • First off I don't like the name, I'd prefer DLX (DNA = DidNotArrive in many circles)
    But I don't think this to be the case here, For those who worry about exclusivity it maybe because they are not on Vz, I too have seen other exclusives I'd like but were not avail on Vz, so the story goes and I wait, and am rewarded with this offering. As far as battery which everyone complains about, the power management and better efficient technology is working together, see Jerrys take on the s4pro and lcd3 screen power consumption so by going by battery 'size' you just can't compare. Will 16 gig be enough, I'm not too worried though would prefer a SD card, since most my syncing will be on home wifi it's not a limit, I don't need to download need4speed ota, and the various cloud offerings seem to work well for many, google/amazon/dropbox to name a few. I too was looking at Note2, not a big Samsung fan though I give them credit yet I would prefer sense to touchwiz, I do hope the folks at XDA get this rooted, then I can overclock it (been running tbolt @ 1.4ghz for 2 years/ btw I rarely needed to pull my battery). Lastly, I love the screen potential, let's face it (literally) outside of calls we LOOK at our screens.. this should be the most important aspect of a high end phone / device (just ask apple)
  • I'm going to get this release day if they're readily available; I still have my HTC Droid Incredible and haven't wanted to switch to anything else until now.