Breaksclusive update: Still no official U.S. carrier for the Galaxy Nexus

Update: And the same person who initially said what we already all knew has now retracted that statement, saying what we all know is not officially known yet.

Original: We've suspected it for a while, we've even got a poll up asking what you think about the possibility. Now it seems we finally have confirmation that the shiny new Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Galaxy Nexus will, initially at least, only be offered on Verizon Wireless in the US.

On its official Facebook page, Samsung Mobile USA confirmed that Verizon "will be offering the Galaxy Nexus with the initial release." As for other carriers, Samsung says they "may support this device in the near future", meaning the door isn't being closed on other networks offering the new Nexus further down the line.

So while Verizon customers get bragging rights for now, there's still at least the possibility of the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus gracing AT&T or T-Mobile at a later date. In any case, be sure to hit our Verizon Galaxy Nexus poll, before sounding off in the comments.

Source: Samsung Mobile USA on Facebook

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • YaY :D
  • I still have a Tmobile account and Rogers GSM version might come in handy. It's a dev phone so believe me when I say I'll get it unlocked.
    All those different radios make this phone a class act.
  • Other than the cell phone company having a say in it you would think that Samsung and even Google would want to put it on all services. That would help make the most money. It sounds like Samsung does not care about other services.
  • samsung makesplenty with all of their other phones. I think this has more to do with Google. But I don't care. Verizon's service is superior so I'm all for getting it on there. I will be switching over from sprint the day the device comes out
  • And you'll be paying twice as much/month. Good luck to you. I'll wait and hope Sprint eventually gets it, drops it from 299 to 199 and keep my simple, unlimited and affordable package. I've configured plans on Verizon 3 times now trying to find a justification to switch for this phone, but their prices are ridiculous.
  • How do you know what plan he has that will amount to it being twice as much? Give it up. I'm with Sprint but my contract has been up for months now. I have been considering Verizon due to their great coverage and LTE. Right now on Sprint I pay $80 (450 min, unlimited text, unlimited data, $10 data usage fee) On Verizon my plan would be $90 (450 min, unlimited text, 2GB data)
    That's a mere $10 dollar a month difference, not some outrageous price increase. I have never gone over 1.7mb data in a month. What good is Sprint's unlimited data when you have slow 3g and spotty wimax that is worthless indoors?
  • my plan is 90 dollars a month unlimited....sprints is 10 dollars more....tbh I would rather pay the extra 10 dollars a month for the coverage alone sprints coverage sucks....and now with lte rolling out everywhere its even more incentive to can save your 10 dollars for your shit ass carrier
  • Aye wit you on that one.. Wit all the LTE Verizon got and data caps ill stick with Sprint too. Im Sprint all the way. When Sprint get Clearwire(The wimax provider)on the same page with them and Clearwire can lay their LTE lain and LightSquared get their GPS issues dialed in to also provide another source of LTE on top of that watch how people flock back to Sprint. So let em Hate now and eat they words later.. Far as Galaxy Nexus Sprint may not see it til mid 2012 is my prediction. Thats when the LTE suppose to start being laid.
  • "Thats when the LTE suppose to start being laid." My guess is LTE will be laid before you will. When did we lose the concept of sentences? If this is what texting and Twitter has done to our ability to converse, then surely we are heading in the wrong direction. Perhaps people who couldn't put a paragraph together to save their life existed before, but they just didn't have a forum to display their semi-literate English skills.
  • By then Sprint will probably have tiered data plans.
  • There will be unlocked versions to use everywhere in the world... You're saying that Samsung, who releases unlocked GSM versions of their phones and sells millions of units, and Google, who make 'Nexus' phones that are meant to be used worldwide for developers, don't care about other services? Give me a break.
  • Not that we didntexpect it but its interesting that this may ONLY be a Verizon device. I'm getting it regardless but I wonder why
  • Where's the don't care?
  • ?
  • Yes!! Been saving up my upgrade for this phone, can't wait for it to come out!!!
  • I'm only going to Verizon to get it if it also has the proper GSM radios and I can use it worldwide. For something as expensive as this will surely be, it's unacceptable to be confined to ONE network in the world.
  • Stupid move but if it does happen we already know the GSM supports AWS and Att so not really a big deal was gonna buy full retail anyway, I hate contracts.
  • Exactly. I was gonna probably end up buying unlocked anyways for T-mobile.
  • "My mistake, no U.S. carrier has been determined yet. Stay tuned for updates." Just posted on the FB post.
  • Hell yeah, my upgrade is ready an waiting. Can't wait for the preorder
  • Remember people, the world unlocked GSM version WILL work on AT&T and T-mobile. Don't forget that this is a Nexus device. All this means is that Verizon will be the only carrier subsidizing the device out of the gate.
  • This is fine for me as a Sprint subscriber - I would much rather wait a few months and get an LTE version when their LTE network is lit up (at least partially) than get a WiMAX version right now that I won't be able to use in a years time. Congrats Verizon folks and welcome to the Nexus club!
  • well I hope that it comes out to Sprint as one Of their first LTE device.
    just like the Nexus S on sprint, don't mind waiting till mid 2012, as long as my ICS come to nexus s to keep me company.
  • I personally think this was a bad move as Verizon already has a flagship device (the iPhone 4 & 4S). This would of made more sense on T-Mobile as they are lacking the latest and greatest, except for of course the Galaxy S II and Amaze 4G. I've had only and all the Nexus devices so far on T-mo (dumped my original iPhone for the N1 and then the N1 for the NS) and its a bummer to think that they will not be getting it this time at launch. I guess I'll have to stick it out until they inevitably receive the device...
  • You're forgetting one thing; no phone, no matter how good, is gonna be good enough to draw people to TMO. They're losing customers every day.
  • Yeah, a facebook customer service rep is hardly a credible source. That statement was redacted. The wait continues...
  • Well, I want to see how the Nexus feels. I hope it doesn't have the same "plasic" feeling that other Samsung phones have. If it does then Razor looks pretty good...It will get ICS soon enough.
  • With blur mucking things up. Granted the new 3d blur is the best so far, it will and still gets in the way.
  • ahem! If I remember correctly Verizon held off on the GSII for this very reason! Thank you VZW!
  • what sense does it make to release the Nexus, Google's open developer phone to the carrier that damn near demands phones be locked down? To make it a Verizon exclusive, even temporarily, makes no sense to me. verizon doesn't even support Googl Wallet.
  • This could end up being like the Nexus One. The Nexus One was never available on Verizon or Sprint, but phones that were essentially the exact same thing (Droid Incredible, Evo 4G) were available instead. So while others may not get the "Galaxy Nexus" they could get a "Galaxy Differentname" that is essentially the same thing.
  • Prime?
  • Yeah they were similar in terms of hardware, but were skinned (Sense is great, but I'd rather have vanilla android). The other carriers already have the Galaxy differentnames with the GSIIs, but again, I refuse to buy anither skinned android phone from Samsung since my Epic is now 2 years behind in terms of OS version. Kinda saw this coming when they made such a big deal about being on LTE and HSPA+ networks during the announcement.
  • it's not just about the skins, the GSIIs out there may take a while to get ICS.
  • I'll stay with Verizon, have no choice where I live, and will give this device a serious look. And I cannot wait to use my Droid X for target practice somewhere out in the desert. (Just cannot decide if it will be with my .454, .44 or .40.)
  • .50 is my recomendation for the DX!
  • Do you think Janel was in deep shit after she posted that comment? She retracts it 1hr 45min later - saying that no US carrier has been confirmed. Bet she got chewed out for that :)
  • Same Samsung rep made a second reply to the thread saying she'd made a mistake, and that no U.S. carrier had been determined yet. Chances are when they do determine the U.S. carrier(s) the answer will be the same... she's probably just trying to cover for the fact that she let the cat out of the bag a little early.
  • Yep, thats what i was thinking as well :(
  • Pull through sprint
  • I appreciate you putting the 'update' to the story at the top, rather than the bottom. Makes more sense.
  • and this is why I am cautious about getting excited. Just like with the N1, people can say anything but until it comes from the big fat red lady herself its just a hope and dream.
  • That Janel is a tard. She's been feeding me all kinds of wrong information from their GalaxySSupport twitter account.
  • Every carrier will get this phone I don't know why people are acting all crazy...if anything you will have to wait a couple weeks longer than verizon
  • See. This is what kinda pisses me off, since the beginning, with the Nexus -- and a lot of other Android phones in the US, for that matter. If you're going to do a big, globally-viewed announcement about a device, why not have carriers (or A carrier) in place so people can get excited about getting it? If you're on the designated carrier, great! If not, you might start looking at you termination policies, or those other carriers might offer some incentives to keep you. Either way model for rollouts for a lot of Android devices sucks! I'm also sick of reading about Android devices in other countries, knowing full well those units will never make their way to the US shores. (It's kind of the same with a lot of automobiles that only sell in Europe or Asia.) I know some will shoot me down for saying this, but at least Apple announces available carriers at their launches. Android and the carrier/partners HAVE to do better.
  • I think she had to backtrack simply because Verizon hasn't announced it yet and it's up to the carriers to make the announcement.
  • Americans want to believe their country is synonymous with freedom, but carriers (especially VZW) have way too much power over manufacturers and customers. They're not content with providing a service, they call the shots in phone design, branding, marketing, and of course, locking customers down. As far as they are concerned, they are not selling you a phone, they're tying you firmly to their boat to make sure you won't leave them. In other parts of the world where I've been, people are free to switch a SIM card and use a different network if the need arises (should they move, travel, etc) and unlocked devices are the norm, or at least they're much more easily available.
    It's a shame that not even Google has enough leverage to put an end to this nonsense with a multi-band device that can work across networks and countries.
  • Am I the only one worried that Verizon will want to let the Razer go first like they did with the thunderbolt?
  • I don't understand how the hell Google can go with just Verizon for starters. I have a Verizon account but I also have a T-Mobile account, the first and only Carrier who had the balls to put their new OS on their Network and the rest is history. The Nexus phone should be on all carriers all at once. I don't think it is very fair to the rest of them.
  • ok considering the Galaxy Nexus is HSPA+ and a LTE only device. It may be coming to AT&T and T-Mobile too. But the Verizon exclusivity is just BS Kinda figure Sprint wouldnt be in the bunch with the network changes moving into its LTE network. Its kinda hard to say. My prediction for sprint is they are going to slow down on high end devices til they are at least rolling some LTE network on the U.S.
  • I find it kinda disappointing if the Nexus is going to be an exclusive....super bummed out now...
  • It makes perfect sense from Sammy's side. Every other carrier got a SGSII while Verizon didn't.
    Release to Big Red first as to not impede on the sales of your other phones. Once the awe factor of the SGSII dies down, release to other carriers, sales go back up.
    Thought it was obvious..
  • Just announce it already. Hard to keep this money burning the hole in my wallet from straying. I've been waiting for Android to have a pure experience phone on Verizon. I'm just waiting to give you my money big red.
  • All I want is ICS on ATT next month..! MAKE IT HAPPEN! =D
  • gonna wait until Sprint comes out with their LTE.....
  • If the chipset in this device supports CDMA/LTE, there's no reason NOT to launch it on Verizon, U.S. Cellular, Sprint, and any other regional carriers that operate CDMA/LTE.