Verizon Galaxy S 3 developer edition now available

Look who showed up late for the party! It's the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 3 (Galaxy S III) "developer edition", and it's available for sale to the last few people who still care. It's in Pebble Blue, and the 16GB version will set you back $600, while the 32GB version is $650. The rest of the details -- specs like a Qualcomm S4 Krait and 2GB of RAM under a 4.8 Super AMOLED screen -- are identical to the retail version, but the bootloader on the dev model is easily unlocked.

Hey, that's just like the retail version, too.

OK, I'll stop sounding so bitter. Verizon releasing an unlockable developer edition of this one is a really good thing. They just took way too long, and with the retail model getting cracked nobody really cares anymore. I really wanted to get behind this idea and support Verizon (who has been less-than-hacker-friendly on occasion), and hope the next time they get 'er done in a more timely manner.

If you're interested, hit the source link below and get out your credit card.

Source: Samsung (opens in new tab); via Android Task Force, Phandroid

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Great. An S3 with an unlocked boot loader...wait a minute?
  • Seems like a waste of resources to release this. I wouldn't be surprised if Verizon uses the likely poor sales statistics as ammo that no one wants a developer phone like this now though.
  • Exactly what I was going to post.
  • You hit the nail on the head, how could they even remotely think this was a good idea, considering the bootloader can be unlocked on the non-developer version. Another attempt by Verizon to rip people off. Complete FAIL!!!
  • This was announced before the bootloader was cracked, which means they were already in production long ago. It would be a "complete FAIL" to just toss them out, when they can make a profit on them, instead.
  • Im against this simply because you have to pay the full price for the phone where as you can unlock the Bootloader on the rest of the S3s for the normal price of the phone on 2 year.
  • F-that. Who wants a contract? I have not been in a contract since 2005 and am not about to be for an upgrade.
  • Yay! You get to pay for the phone at least twice. Once when you buy it at full cost. The other time when you pay the same price for service as someone who bought it on contract (you don't get the benefit of the subsidy (or financing, if you prefer) paid by Verizon). While you get a more freedom to upgrade, you definitely pay royally for the privilege. Personally, a better way would be to have two people on contract (if applicable to your situation), with their upgrades coming about a year apart. Unless you switch carriers all the time... The more people you have on your service, the more often you can upgrade, depending on the contract renewal dates. Scott
  • That's because Verizon screwed around w/ Samsung to show them who's the biggest d*ck in the world :-P
    Samsung would have just released it unlocked, but Verizon made them drag their feet as long as possible. Same thing w/ the Verizon Galaxy Nexus...exclusive deal on a *NEXUS* device! Nexus devices are supposed to be released on all carriers at once :-P
  • I'll say it once, and I'll say it again. GSM for the win :)
  • Verizon, we don't need your stinkin' Developer's Edition of the Galaxy SIII. Unlocking the one you released months is just fine.
  • About Gosh darn time!!!
  • But does it have the annoying, persistent WiFi notification?
  • Do you have sprint?
  • Verizon does it's damnedest to hobble the advantages of having a Nexus and I am not happy Google hasn't forced the issue so updates come out day and date with the GSM version. I was considering the S3, but at this point might as well wait and do the Note 2 instead.
  • I might buy it.. I have to pay full retail anyway to keep unlimited data.
  • Same here.
  • Cheaper to just buy a new locked one on eBay for $100 less and unlock yourself.
  • I always seem to forget I am entitled to cheap version of everything I want.
  • This is just a bad precedent, with Motorola now following suit. It costs these companies nothing to release a 'developer edition', since all it takes is slightly modified firmware. And they get to claim they are 'hacker friendly', while holding back updates for everyone else. It's high time Google took a stand on this issue, but Google just doesn't care.
  • Wow! This is great news! (2 months ago)
  • We need Jellybean Verizon!
  • If you're reading an article about a phone specifically designed to simplify the installation of custom ROMs, why do you want Verizon/Samsung to release a bloated Touchwiz version? and why do you not have Jellybean, already?
  • It's already backordered?!? LOL, what a crock of shyt! BS Samsung
  • "Verizon releasing an unlockable developer edition of this one is a really good thing." Isn't it Samsung that decided to release the phone? Verizon clearly didn't want to release it with an unlocked bootloader because "it would negatively affect the network and user experience." And yep: "with the retail model getting cracked nobody really cares anymore."
  • Well this is pretty useless now. Verizon, if you lock it, we will unlock it. This is Android!