Verizon Fascinate update pushing out now

Fascinate update

Those of you waiting on the Verizon Samsung Fascinate update to drop -- well, it's dropping now. A recap for what's in store:

  • Instant notification of Visual Voice Mail in the messaging bar.
  • Improved sync between phone and e-mail accounts.
  • Prompt notification when switching to airplane mode.
  • Faster switching from 3G to 1x RTT.
  • Search phone while on a call.
  • Improved Exchange password alerts.
  • No Service audio alert removed.

You can sit back and wait for the update to roll in, Or you can try to snag it at Settings>About phone>System updates. (Though it's not working for me. Grrrr.) Thanks, Cory!

  • I'll check for it, although I wouldn't be surprised if I don't see it till later tonight. That's how those things usually go for me anyway!
  • not working for me either.....I'd better wait till tonight....
  • Just updated my fascinate with no problems. Though I'll doubt I'll ever notice the changes.
  • Just checked my phone status....apparently I already have it...and you're right, I don't notice anything different
  • Will this update fix my screen rotation lag?
  • Just did the my handset keeps rebooting into recovery! Im rooted...any ideas?
  • The update removed root.
  • When I power up the handset appears to be booting fine. When the device performs the 'media scan' it boots into recovery...yikes
  • No issues here with a non-rooted fascinate over Verizon 3G. Sat on the Verizon splash screen for a while but it everything is working fine.
  • You have to be disconnected from wireless network to get the update btw, it worked fine for my girlfriend when she tried it with wifi turned off. Its a bug that hopefully will be fixed with this update.
  • The update should not have removed root.....I'm still rooted and I got the update just fine
  • Superuser is still there but apps that require root don't work. Wireless Teather and Titanium.
  • Typing this while using wireless for me. Wonder how that happened to you?
  • Check on 3g not wifi.
  • Just received, in fact just finished rebooting and I am now at 2.1 - update 1
  • Only thing I like and notice is the no service sound gone. Thank GOD! Here in the hospital no one has service so I would hear it a lot and have to set my phone on silent. I still have wifi and get everything through that. Now I can have my phone volume on. Also the Dev for NoLED finally answered my request to put the less on the top right. :-)
  • GPS problem is DEFINITELY fixed!!!! :o)
  • I just sent my Fascinate back to Verizon because the GPS didn't work, and now they released an update that fixes it? Figures, uggh.
  • I just sent my Fascinate back to Verizon because the GPS didn't work, and now they released an update that fixes it? Figures, uggh.
  • lost ROOT!!! :( and after reboot it wanted to install the update again, so I did... then when i came back up, it wanted to install it again!! so I ignored it! IDK whats going one... hopefully my phone is okay.
  • re-ran root and i was back in business..
  • I hope they remove the no service audio alert on the Epic, one of the most annoying things on the phone.
  • still have to wait for froyo for flash, rooting just allows you to do stuff like wireless tether and boot from different roms
  • I just updated my fascinate. I'm new to this stuff but very interested. I want to root my phone... will the rooting instructions work for the new update? And will rooting make flash 10.1 possible or do we still have to wait for froyo?
  • After I updated the update screen keeps popping up and I still have the superuser app but The apps that require root access dont work anymore!!!! HELP
  • Got it. No problems. No signal beep is gone. Which is nice.
  • Just updated, root apps are good and GPS still bad.
  • Trying patch for the third time...consistently hangs at 'Updating modem' and then gives me 'IP_previous_update_failed' after it completes the reboot. I had tried previously with LauncherPro set as the default launcher, removed that and trying again. :(
  • +1 for 3G, not Wifi--that allows me to get past the "SERVER DOWN" error message. Update installed fine, and quickly. Confirming that it did indeed remove root, but re-rooting took 2 minutes and I'm back in business. GPS does appear to be a bit more snappy... nice! Still no fix on the soft button LED timeouts though.
  • I am rooted and I also got the "UPDATE FAILED or INCOMPLETE reason: IP_PREVIOUS_UPDATE_FAILED". I made the mistake of deleting the "bloatware" apk files instead of renaming them. I assume because of one or some of these files missing is causing the error. Anybody know where I can find the stock ROM apk files so I can put them back on? I've looked all over the web with no luck.
  • Just did the upgrade took less than 5 mins. Hopefully things are better. No we just need to soft keys to light up as notification indicators. Maybe that will happen for 2.2.
  • Maybe allowing the update to run more than once is removing root. I let mine go twice and now Super Manager doesn't have su permissions. Time to re-root!
  • I have rooted Samsung fascinate update keeps failing is it because of the root?
  • cant wait to see if i can notice the fixes. I hope it fixed my gps
  • yay got mine, I wish it would fix my fb push notifications. Phone seems much more responsive!!
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  • hey i got the update and i lost my root and cant re root my phone can anyone help please????????????????
  • I got 2.1-update1, lost the root.None of the apps that require the Super user right worked. Got it originally form here: Re-ran the steps. All good now.
  • i got the upgrade, erased my root access, and it keeps popping up telling me to upgrade....AAAAAH!
  • I was given a samsung fascinate phone that has not had network service since January 2012, I think. It was given to me in May after I suffered a stroke, to help me to remember things, I can write in memo, alarm set for taking meds., all doctor contacts I now have, calendar for keeping appointments, etc.
    The stroke I had in May resulted in the part of my brain dying that controlled my memory and vocabulary words, spelling, etc. Now lately the phone has been getting extremely hot to the touch, then it will freeze up, I cannot even shut it off, unless I take the battery out. But it keeps doing this so I deleted a lot of apps tap weren't really necessary, like live wallpapers, and crap like that. I noticed at the top of the page innovative path is the 1 who gives network updates, and when I looked at my phones accessories, that is the same company that does the network updates for this phone, duh, sorry. Is there anyway around using innopath to get the network updates? Financially I am not in a position to get my own smartphone, or tablet, I am only 43 but I am disabled, and a single parent of 2, I am on SSI, I can't really afford anything. I use this phone everyday as it has become an extension of my own brain. I am just really scared it will get so hot and Fry 1 day soon. I really appreciate any help anyone can give me, yes I am a little slow, but I am doing the best I can considering everything. I could really use the help in fixing the reason why this phone is getting so hot to the touch, and freezing up. I really thought that was going to happen earlier and it brought me to tears, I have everything I need stored in this phone since I had to stroke in May. And I wouldn't even know what to do. Any help would be very much appreciated.
    I am so glad I found this site!
    sincerely, Joanierose
  • Sorry if I posted this long ass message twice!
    sincerely, Joanierose