Verizon: Don't Buy The G1

This happens all the time in the mobile world. When a carrier releases a hotly anticipated phone, all the other carriers send out internal E-mails detailing why that phone is the worst phone in the world. This time it's Verizon releasing notes about the G1. The reasons listed have all been known for a while now so it's not that big of a deal in the G1's case. However, it's always fun to see multimillion dollar companies act like little children squabbling over the most insignificant of details.

For example, how dare the G1 limit music to over-the-air downloads over Wi-Fi only! Shame on them!

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  • All personal opinion stuff... Exchange - there are current work around but expect a software solution to this soon 128MB - G1 can take up to a 16GB SD card Turn by turn GPS - certain there will be 3rd party solution soon Music - tons of 3rd party music solutions Video & stereo USB - expect firmware update Verizon - sell crippled locked down phones I'll never purchase again (despite Verizon's cell phone coverage)
  • I would have to agree with Scott, I don't own a G1 phone but am anticipating it...
  • I have not recived my G1 yet. This is the first phone that I have been told of the problems with it and of what solutions are coming for them. People complaining is just to make you think twice. I thought about it twice and now I want it twice as much. They need to stop complaining about personal prefrence.
  • I agree, I have no doubt that all this issues will be corrected soon enough. I can't wait to get my G1!
  • As a 15 year old; I personally havnt gotten my G1 yet.. but i think EVERY PHONE has down falls. Verizon's phones as well. I have even been told the Iphone is NOT the best phone in the world! What do u expect? I could see if Verizon was not a well progressing company but they are; Let T-mobile shine for ONCE! T-mobile barely has these type of moments.. You know moments where they have people actually ARE wanting their phones! and like someone already said ... this only make me want the phone more. The things they are talking about doesnt make this phone crapy! Verizon should be ashame of their selfs! Even if that person doesnt get the G1 there is no guarantee that they'll come running to Verizon!