Verizon cancels plans to create its own TV streaming service

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In mid-January, a report popped up claiming that Verizon was working on its own Internet-based TV streaming service to compete with the likes of Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and others. According to a Yahoo! Finance interview, however, it looks like these plans have been canceled.

Commenting on the company's intention to create a TV service, CEO Lowell McAdam said —

Our view is that we should partner with those that are in the linear game. Let them be very good at what they do. We'll add digital content into that mix, and we'll position ourselves for where we become more of an over-the-top video culture versus the linear model that we have today.

Verizon wants to integrate content from Oath into an existing service, and according to Lowell, a partner should be chosen for this deal soon with plans to launch by Q4 2018.

Despite this change of mind for Verizon, we're still expecting streaming services from competitors T-Mobile and AT&T. T-Mobile acquired Layer3 in mid-December last year to kickstart its plans in this niche, and AT&T recently announced that it'll soon come to market with a streaming plan that costs just $15/month as part of a new AT&T Watch service.

What do you think about Verizon's decision here?

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  • It's better to partner with an existing service than to try to come up with your own. I'm glad Verizon realized this. Hopefully whatever service they decide to partner with it will be worth it.
  • I'm curious to see how this all plays out. Being with T-Mobile, I know they acquired Layer3, who uses a box to deliver a $75/month product. Doesn't sound very #UnCarrier/#CordCutting to me. I'd love to see a global IPTV app/apk. The ones I've tried in the past can be a bit flaky, then again it's happening in a more grey market. But having an officially sanctioned app, at a price of no more than $15/month, that would induce me to join. We will see.
  • This space needs as much competition as possible right now. DTVNOW promotional pricing if the best value out there but each service is missing some channels or features the others have. AT&T had done a solid job giving benefits to AT&T customers that make the desk even better like free data streaming and $5 HBO
  • I'm not bothered by Verizon's decision to stay away from TV. But, I am anxious to see what T-Mobile does. Until they announce, I will probably go with YouTube TV or DirecTV Now. That will set my expectations for a T-Mobile response.