Early upgrades will be available for anyone switching to Verizon Edge until the end of March

It seems as though a Verizon-compatbile Nexus 7 gets its Nexus 7 tablet on Feb. 13") isn't the only big news coming out of the carrier tomorrow, as leaked documents show a generous overhaul of its plan offerings. As part of a horribly-named "MORE Everything" initiative, Verizon is set to boost data allowances, reduce prices and restructure its Edge financing discounts.

First up are quick changes to the current Share Everything offerings — 500MB, 1GB and 2GB data tiers are being upped to 1GB, 2GB and 3GB at no additional cost. Better yet, existing Share Everything users will be automatically migrated to the higher data tiers.

For those who are taking advantage of Verizon's Edge financing plans, the smartphone access fee for data tiers less than 8GB per month is being dropped by $10, and the fee if you have over 10GB is being dropped by $20 per month. To incentivize more people over to device financing plans, Verizon will also be offering early upgrades to anyone switching to Edge until the end of March.

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These aren't revolutionary changes, but we love to see a little reaction from Verizon to drop the cost of data as both T-Mobile and AT&T have made moves in this direction as of late. We'll have a better feel for all of the promotions when they go live tomorrow.

New Verizon Plans

Source: AndroidPolice; Verizon