Vector 19: Brian Klug on the new Nexus

Vector is our cross-platform analysis show focused on bringing you the biggest stories and best analysis in tech. Sadly, Phil Nickinson wasn't able to join us this week (soon!), but Brian Klug of AnandTech absolutely was and, after briefly wrapping up the Apple A7 talk from last time, we dove into the new Google Nexus 5 and what the future holds for mobile chipsets, displays, cameras, and more. Yeah, he starts describing high-density in arc light minutes again...!

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  • perfect for the drive home!
  • Brian is terrific. First I heard of this podcast. I'm on it Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it just me or is this hard to listen to because Rene keeps bringing up Apple products when I only want to hear Brian talk about the Nexus 5, a product that I'm actually interested in?
  • This. I don't think it's fair calling most journalists fanboys, but Rene leans so far that way that sometimes you just have to call it like you see it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well, considering he runs iMore, why is this surprising? Quite frankly, I'd be shocked if he didn't discuss Apple products.
  • Well Renee is obviously am Apple guy. That's fine.. If was funny when Renee seemed to bring up negative of the cuff remarks and Brian politely went another way. Posted via Android Central App
  • It was hard. I thought I clicked on the wrong link.
  • I just had to stop listening, I heard the word Nexus but I'm not sure they actually talked about the Nexus 5. I just kept hearing iphone and ipad and zoned out.
  • Its refreshing to hear this dude , Never has to act like he's the smartest guy in the room even though he almost always is...if I was that smart...I probably wouldn't talk to anyone :) Posted via Android Central App
  • Brian's reviews at AT are pretty awesome too, unless charts, numbers, and detailed technical explanations of the way things work aren't your thing.
  • Best reviews out there IMO (with no disrespect intended). Brutally objective, detailed, thorough, and useful.
  • I'm so glad they have the podcasts in the ac app because I had never listened to them before. It's awesome you can listen to them right in the app cuz I still need to find a good rss app that also plays podcasts but doesn't use up so much phone resources. Posted via Android Central App
  • I really enjoyed this podcast. Brian's right about it being a smaller Nexus 7. I'll be pointing others to this podcast to know more about the Nexus 5. Thanks guys. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ya brian klug and the team at anandtech actually know how to do reviews, unlike the ones here. Here it's just a brief hands on, if that.
  • This is a lie and you know it. Jerry does a great job. Go troll someone else. Posted via Android Central App
  • You know, I don't disagree with him. Do you actually visit Anandtech or are you pulling the troll card merely because you disagree with him? I know calling him a troll is easier than pointing out why you disagree but it adds nothing of value to a discussion, you're better off not feeding a troll if you genuinely believe that's the intent. I visit both sites on a daily basis, but I value AC more for the news coverage than their reviews... Whereas Anandtech is pretty much my definitive source for mobile device reviews (and SSD, and desktop stuff, and a few other things, though I'll defer to sites like HardOCP for GPU reviews etc). If we're gonna be even more specific, I actually don't like Jerry's writing style when it comes to reviews... And I like Jerry, and I think he's very knowledgeable, and his writing style makes for great editorials; but if we're talking reviews I actually think some of the other AC writers do a better job (I like Alex's reviews). I feel Jerry tries to dumb it down too much for the average reader and make it all very subjective or about the user experience, which is fine on balance, but it's not very informative and a good review can have that but still go well beyond it without losing the editorial thread. So yeah, I don't agree that he's trolling and Anandtech's reviews (specially Brian's) are just about second to none.
  • Brian's reviews are very specialized, in depth, and highly technical technical and only cover a limited number of highly relevant devices. The timely overviews, reviews and comparisons by various AC editors are highly relevant and cover almost everything Android. Anandtech and Android Central are intended to be extremely different catering to different audiences (markets). These awesome resources don't exist for free, kido's! I really appreciate Jerry's longevity of real world experience, his passion for using gadgets, and relate to his subjective viewpoint. The best of all world's, and AC editors promote respected outside editorials. Of course there exist annoying trolls (not AC staff) who at times inhabit and at limited times overwhelm these forums who for the most part are quickly exposed and discredited by logical discussion.
  • The fact that Anandtech doesn't have the staff to cover every device is pretty much the only fault with their reviews. Even if you're not interested in all the technical jazz their reviews are still the most comprehensive and informative, and they actually make the more technical stuff pretty easy to follow (outside of the in depth SoC talk). AC does deserve credit for promoting outside opinions and writers, and for covering pretty much everything on a timely basis. Like I said, AC is one of my daily destinations and even if their reviews aren't overall the most useful (IMO) I do enjoy the overall tone that Phil has set, not fanning or catering to silly rumors at times, keeping a level mindset rather than looking for juicy headlines etc. AC takes itself a little more seriously than some of the other Android news blogs, in a good way. I still don't see how a critical non-offensive comment on their review style amounts to trolling though, but by all means, carry on with the holy troll hunting campaign. Seems every other comment from you lately is about this most important of matters...
  • Biln's crass and offensive belittling method of smugly stating an opinion as fact understandably elicited the troll moniker reaction from jwyche007. Yes when these types of boorish immature selfish comments and elicited reactions become prevalent the forums become irritatingly droll. As such the behavior should be immediately identified and shamed into suppression, if possible, for the sake of forum relevance.
  • Go read reviews of the same device on both sites and tell me which one only says it feels good in the hand, if there's lag or not, and it's up to you to pick the right one for you. But to be fair AC is a news site and AT is a review site. I go to both sites every day, it's a ritual. There's a difference between a 2 page review and a 10+ page review.
  • Rene always does a great job with these interviews. Keep up the great work, Rene!
  • Rene Ritchie is the new Crackberry Kevin
  • I'd love to hear Brian Klug talking with Phil Nickinson, that would be awesome! :-)
  • Brian Klug new word of the day: narrowsighted, presumably a portmanteau of narrow-minded and shortsighted. I always learn something from Brian's podcasts! But seriously, always a fun listen. If you happen to read these Brian, get done with that Nexus 5 review!
  • Your impatient demand aside, Brian will "get done", in the usual course of time required.
  • I never got past Rene droning on about speed. I had to turn it off. He's painful to listen to. Posted via Android Central App