U.S. Samsung Galaxy S variants rooted before release

Even though they aren't officially released yet, the US versions of the Samsung Galaxy S (T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate) have already been rooted.  We should expect this by now, as it seems like it happens with all the hot new Android phones as they come around.  Even better?  This is a nice easy method -- no timing, monkeying with SD cards, no sacrificing chickens or doing rain-dances.  Just load a file and boot into Samsung's recovery.  Very nice to see a manufacturer playing nice with the hacking and development community in a time when some phones are coming locked so tight that if you slid a dollar under the battery door 3 quarters, 2 dimes and a nickle would come out.  [xda-developers via Android and Me] Thanks thebizz for the tip!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Nice, now for the Sprint and Verizon variants.
  • Will have the phone thursday and by thursday afternoon it will be rooted.....wonderful!
  • This makes me happy no matter the small issues with this phone its easy to root and. Open
  • If only the Droid X was like this... I want to see the verizon version some time soon
  • Hello CyanogenMod...well hopefully at least
  • Anyone know the anticipated release date for this to VZW? or release timeframe? I was thinking about getting the Droid X, but with the X being so locked down, I might pass and get this because even if the samsung interface isn't favorable, we can put our roms on this, hell maybe they could port the Droid X to this. If I remember correctly this phone is pretty well spec'd out right. I think it also has a 4" screen so it would be slightly smaller then the Droid X.
  • This phone is really looking better every day. It actually has a chance to become the Android release of the year. In my opinion, the DEV community for this device is going to be huge and could quite possibly be the largest DEV community out side of HTC devices.The guys over XDA are rally exited about this phone and that's always a good thing.
  • Wow there was a lot of weird humor in that article. Made me laugh. But even though i want the Epic, i could give a flying flip about rooting it.
  • wheres sprint
  • The idea of rooting goes past simply changing my Android phone today, to get some new abilities. I worry that when the providers stop putting OS updates out for my phone, in the future, (which does exist by the way), I will be S.O.L.