US Cellular to offer Galaxy Tab on Nov. 19 -- $399 on contract after rebate

I'm beginning to think it's called the Galaxy Tab because Samsung aims to have one up and running on every wireless provider in the galaxy.  And since US Cellular is a carrier that operates in our known galaxy, it's only fitting that they have one too.

US Cellular announced today that its version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will hit store shelves by the end of this week.  Slated for a Nov. 19 launch, US Cellular's Galaxy Tab will cost you $399 after a $100 mail-in rebate on a two-year contract, or a heftier $599 to go contract free.  

Galaxy Tab subscribers will then have to choose between two vastly different rate plans.  $14.99/mo will net you a measly 200MB of network bandwidth, and $54.99/mo will quench your thirst for data by offering 5GB of network bandwidth, and includes mobile hotspot -- something other carriers love to charge extra for.  USCC believes their $14.99/mo 200MB plan is ideal for subscribers whose usage will revolve around a WiFi connection, rather than their network.