US Cellular Galaxy Note 3 also gets KitKat Feb. 19, says these docs

Another staggered rollout begins February 19 for KitKat on the US Cellular Note 3

The US Cellular Galaxy S4 won't be the only Samsung phone on USCC getting a KitKat update tomorrow. These docs say that the carrier's Galaxy Note 3 also has the new hotness coming.

Like the Galaxy S4 update, it's a stanged rollout that is expected to be 100 percent complete in 10 days. Also like the S4, the preloaded apps Daily Perks and MobiTiles are getting pulled out of the operating system, but will be available for download from Google Play.

To make sure you're ready, you need to be on the latest stock firmware, have a Google account and be able to connect to Samsung's FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) update server. If you have any issues, starting tomorrow (Feb. 19) you can visit a USCC location and they'll get you updated with that magic file.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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