Update for Sprint Galaxy Tab now official, and hopefully successful

Samsung has announced that the DJ30 update for the Sprint Galaxy Tab is now live and being rolled-out OTA for all customers still on the DJ14 firmware.  Samsung lists the changes as:

  • SMS Short Code text messages
  • Microsoft Exchange IT Admin policy compliance
  • Text messages sent using Wi-Fi
  • Qik video chat
  • Sprint Zone as trusted source
  • Start up and shut down screens

Hopefully this will address the issues some were having where they were presented with an OTA which ended up failing.  Remember, each of the versions of the Tab have slight differences (thanks for that, carriers) so only expect this update if you have a Sprint Tab running version DJ14 of the OS.  For details, including a walkthrough of accepting an OTA update for those new to the concept is at the source. [Samsung]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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